AGV Helmets: Innovative Italian Design

Since 1947, AGV Helmets has built a reputation for innovative design in the motorcycle racing world. Their aggressive styling, use of multi-coloured design and distinctive graphics are world-renowned features of AGV Helmets. Recognised as a pioneer of modern motorcycle helmets and an undisputed world-class leader in helmet manufacturing, AGV offer modern bike riders the finest motorcycle helmets with a splash of rich Italian heritage.

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The AGV Family

AGV Helmets – In the lead since 1947

Well known for combining the highest quality materials with excellent ergonomic design, superior comfort, aerodynamics, safety and aesthetics, AGV ensures that every rider is always performing at their best.

AGV Extreme Standards

Optimal performance is one thing, but so is safety. The current range of helmets complies with relevant Australian safety standards. More than that, the AGV Extreme Standards ideology is a revolutionary set of innovations in helmet design, from superior protection, fit, comfort, reliability, and environmental impact.

This means your helmet has been impacted protection tested up to 150% more than is required by the standard, more than any other helmet on the market.

Make The Right Choice

As one of the most sought after motorcycle headgear brands, it’s important to have a range that delivers across a diverse range of riding styles too.

Check out our AGV helmets that offer the best in safety and comfort. Rossi and Agostini already made their choice. What’s yours? Get your own AGV helmet now:

Corsa R

Take your track performance to the next level with the Corsa R! Made for the most demanding riders, this helmet features a patented reversible crown pad with Shalimar (warmer) and Ritmo (cooler) fabrics, a new interior with a pressure-free fit, Integrated Ventilation System (IVS), removable nose guard, and wind deflector for your ultimate comfort and maximum performance.

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Enjoy the ultimate riding experience without breaking the bank with the K3 SV. This affordable helmet is packed with impressive features that will surprise you, such as its incredible aerodynamic performance, Dry-Comfort inner liner, excellent ventilation, heavy-duty thermoplastic shell, internal drop-down sun visor, and a superior range of vision.

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K5 Jet

Whether you’re riding around the city or touring, the K-5 Jet will take your safety and comfort to the hilt with its carbon-fibreglass shell, compact and protective helmet shape, anti-scratch Pinlock®-ready shield, magnetic VMS closing system with integrated sun visor, jet style open face configuration, and newly designed interior furnished with Dry-Comfort inner liners.

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K5 S

Ramp up your comfort and performance in every ride with AGV’s K5 S helmet. This premium sport helmet ensures you will have an enjoyable and hassle-free ride with its Integrated Ventilation System, lightweight carbon fibreglass shell, ergonomic stitching and high-performance fabrics used for the inner liner, removable nose guard, drop-down sun visor, incorporated spoiler, and brand-new wind protector that reduces noise.

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Conquer everyday riding challenges with AGV’s K1 sport helmet! Its soft and removable Dry-Comfort interiors and racing-developed front air vents offer superior comfort and breathability, while its aerodynamic shape and wind tunnel-tested spoiler provide outstanding stability even at higher speeds. Whether you’re on the road or track, AGV’s K1 will help you overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

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Pista GP R

Watch your competitors eat your dust with AGV’s Pista GP R helmet! A bona fide game-changer for the most competitive riders, this ultimate track helmet features MotoGP-developed metal air vents, a hydration system, a wind tunnel-tested “Biplano” spoiler with multiple wings, versatile interiors with ergonomic stitching and a 100% carbon fibre shell to maximise your performance, stability, and comfort while you’re hitting the track at blazing speeds.

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Experience the comfort of a modular without compromising on your safety with AGV’s SportModular helmet! Its lightweight yet heavy-duty 100% carbon fibre material offers the same high level of protection as MotoGP’s Pista GP R, while its 190° horizontal view, superior quietness, aero stability, and ventilation lets you enjoy comfortable and safe rides every time.

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Get inspired to ride your best on and off the racetrack with AGV’s X3000! This limited edition helmet designed after the same tricolour helmet which the Italian legend himself wore during his championship years comes with all the modern safety, performance, comfort and technology features today’s riders need while retaining that slick, classic 1970s appeal.

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Take a trip down memory lane while paying homage to one of the greatest motorcycle riders of all time with AGV’s X70. Designed after the fibre jet helmet which AGV invented way back in 1954, the X70 comes in its original’s shape but is furnished with modern comfort and safety features such as eco-leather interiors for your maximum pleasure and protection. Its bright colours and design allow you to ride in style while remembering the legacy of Renzo Pasolini.

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Compact ST

Make your out-of-town trips and daily commutes more comfortable with the Compact ST. This modular helmet delivers maximum comfort with its ergonomic stitching and new interior, excellent visibility with its anti-fog and anti-scratch internal drop-down sun visor, optimal airflow with its large vents placed on the front and rear, and superior aerodynamics with its compact, innovative design.

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The K6 defines versatility, comfort and safety. It’s light carbon and aramid shell fibre ensures maximum protection, whilst its waterproof and ventilated interior allow you to cover maximum mileage in ultimate comfort. Plus, the adjustable air vents and chin guards ensure you get perfect ventilation.

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Sponsoring the best of the best

It’s no surprise that over the years, AGV has had close relationships with some of the biggest names in the motorcycle business.

  • Valentino Rossi
  • Pol EspargarĂł
  • Jack Miller
  • Franco Morbidelli
  • Joan Mir
  • Guy Martin
  • Marco Lucchinelli
  • Giacomo Agostini
  • Troy Corser
  • Manuel Poggiali
  • Loris Capirossi