Airoh: Motorbike Helmet Excellence

Airoh is recognised as one of the leading motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world, enjoying a success that can rival that of its more established competitors. The countless motorcycle riders who have ever worn an Airoh helmet, who experienced the joy of riding free and protected, and who have taken the journey of their dreams on two wheels, serve as the best proof of Airoh’s success.

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The Airoh Family

Airoh Road & Offroad Helmets

Ambition. Innovation. Resilience. On-Off. Heritage. 

These five values guide the creation of each Airoh helmet, and combine to bring motorcycle riders the freedom and protection they need to make the most of their journey on the road, terrain, or race track.

Whether you’re a road warrior, off road adventurer or racing champion, you can be confident that each Airoh helmet has all the features to guarantee your safety, comfort, and performance. Each helmet starts from a single idea, is refined under the team’s passion for excellence and mastery in helmet creation, and is finally perfected to a road-worthy Airoh helmet that lets you ride on confidently in Australia and to your dreams.

Aviator 2.2 Helmet

The Airoh Aviator 2.2 Helmet is perfect for MX riders who want to ensure their safety, comfort, and performance in every MX competition or off road adventure. This 100% Italian-made helmet has ECE approval, features a lightweight composite carbon-kevlar material, an adjustable peak, and other features that will give you an enjoyable and smooth ride on any rough terrain.

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Aviator 2.3 Helmet

There’s a reason why professional off road riders seeking adrenaline-fuelled rides prefer the Aviator 2.3 Helmet. Not only is it one of the lightest high-performing MX helmets in the market, but it also delivers a superior level of comfort and protection that make it stand out from the rest of MX helmets in its class. 

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Aviator Ace Helmet

The Aviator Ace Helmet’s bold graphics, High Performance Composite double outer shell, and excellent ventilation system deliver the style, safety and comfort MX riders need at a more budget-friendly price. Its lightweight construction, hypoallergenic liner, and adjustable peak make this helmet a must-have for any practical MX rider who wants to ace any race on rough terrain. 

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City One Helmet

City riding and touring is always a breeze with the City One Helmet. This open-face helmet’s breathable mesh inserts in its inner liner and adjustable rear extractors enable effective air circulation for your maximum comfort. It is also equipped with an easy-to-operate retractable sun visor that shields your eyes from sun glare.

Commander Helmet

Versatile is the word which best describes the Airoh Commander Helmet. Engineered for road and off road use, this two-in-one helmet will help you perform your best in any road or terrain with its high-performance composite material, three-point ventilation system, aerodynamic peak, integrated sun visor, and extra-wide visor with Pinlock® lens.

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Executive Helmet

The Airoh Executive Helmet showcases Italian ingenuity with its excellent functionality, ergonomics, and safety features. This modular helmet features a patented Chin-Guard Holder System (CHS) which allows you to detach the chin guard and place it at the back of the shell. Its P/J homologation, High Resistant Thermoplastic shell, and extra-wide visor will enhance your safety, whether you’re wearing it as a full face or open face helmet.

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Garage Helmet

The Airoh Garage Helmet can be summed up in six words: vintage vibe, contemporary comfort, guaranteed safety. This jet helmet may look old-fashioned, but it is actually packed with all the features today’s riders need for smooth rides around the city, such as its removable, breathable lining, reflective edge for increased night visibility, and a micrometric retention system for a secure and comfortable fit. 

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GP500 Helmet

Technical expertise and lessons from the experience of professional racers were combined to develop the GP500 Helmet. With its 10 vents (six are adjustable), High Performance Composite shell, front and rear spoilers, Emergency Fast Remove cheek pads and ECE approval, there’s no question about this helmet’s ability to boost your comfort, performance, and safety on any road and race track. 

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Helios Helmet

The Helios Helmet caters to riders who seek superior comfort and convenience in an open face helmet. Each feature of this Bluetooth-ready helmet has been designed to meet the needs of today’s riders, from its removable and washable hypoallergenic inner liner, integrated sun visor, micrometric retention system, and multiple vents all the way to its high resistance thermoplastic construction.

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Hunter Helmet

Your hunt for a comfortable, lightweight and stylish open face helmet ends with the Airoh Hunter Helmet. Its extra-wide visor, top vent and rear extractors, hypoallergenic lining, and sleek High Performance Composite (HPC) shell allows touring and urban riders to enjoy great views without sacrificing their comfort, safety and style. 

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Movement Helmet

Don’t let extreme weather conditions stop you from enjoying your ride. Wear the Airoh Movement Helmet instead to experience a superior level of comfort and safety no matter the weather! This ECE-approved helmet is furnished with Pinlock lens to help you combat the fog and an internal sun visor which protects your eyes from the blinding glare of the sun. 

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Movement-S Helmet

Designed to meet the needs of commuters, touring, and everyday riders for comfort and safety, the Airoh Movement-S Helmet features a lightweight High Resistance Thermoplastic shell for reduced neck fatigue, extra-wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision, Pinlock lens for fog-free riding, Hi Flow Ventilation System for efficient air circulation, and ECE approval.  

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Rev Helmet

Rev up your engine and take your adventure to the next level with the Airoh Rev Helmet. This modular helmet will make any adventurer’s dream come true by offering superior vision with its Pinlock lens and scratch-resistant visor, convenience with Its Bluetooth system connectivity and tool-less quick release visor feature, and peace of mind with its P/J homologation. 

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Rides Helmet

Comfortable and safe rides are yours for the taking every time you wear the Airoh Rides Helmet. It has a removable and washable liner to keep you feeling fresh in every ride, lightweight high resistance thermoplastic shell for reduced neck fatigue, easy fit glasses slot to accommodate your eyeglasses, Pinlock-ready visor for improved visual clarity, and ECE approval for your peace of mind.

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Riot Helmet

Turn heads while protecting yours from that heavy feeling with the Riot Helmet. This eye-catching and lightweight helmet includes both cafe racer and vintage style elements, and is made from PRE-PREG fibre technology so you can say goodbye to neck fatigue for good! If you want to stand out from the crowd without compromising on your comfort, the Riot will help you do just that. 

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S5 Helmet

The Airoh S5 Helmet is perfect for riders who demand superior performance and flexibility in a helmet. It works just as well in any type of climate or terrain, functions as a road, off road and MX helmet, and ensures your safety and comfort—regardless of the adventure you’re taking—with its high-resistant thermoplastic construction, scratch-resistant visor, ventilation system, and hypoallergenic liner.

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Spark Helmet

Cut through highways and streets in style and comfort with the Airoh Spark Helmet. This full face helmet’s aggressive lines complement its tough, high-resistant thermoplastic construction and powerful, practical features such as an extra-wide Pinlock visor, built-in sun shield and Bluetooth-ready compartment.

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ST501 Helmet

Easy and exciting rides await touring and sport riders who wear the Airoh ST501 Helmet. Its lightweight, high-performance composite shell helps you focus on your ride instead of the pain on your neck. Its quick-release visor can be removed without tools for maximum convenience, and its multiple vents and removable hypoallergenic inner lining guarantee that fresh, cool feeling in every ride.

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ST701 Helmet

Rev up your bike and brave the open road with the confidence you can only get from the Airoh ST701 Helmet. Manufactured from 100% carbon and fitted with a quad-density EPS liner, this ECE-approved full face sports touring helmet is among the lightest helmets in its class and provides protection like no other. 

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Storm Helmet

Whether you’re weaving through urban jungles or touring long distances, the Airoh Storm Helmet will help you arrive at your destination safe and sound. Its high-resistant thermoplastic shell offers superior head protection while its extra-wide, scratch- and UV-resistant visor and anti-fog position guarantees clarity of vision, regardless of the weather condition.

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Switch Helmet

Take on the dirtiest tracks in style with the Airoh Switch Helmet. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, this off road/MX helmet blends fashion and function with its practical features, including a high-resistant thermoplastic shell, adjustable peak, advanced fabric technology, multiple vents, and double D rings. 

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Terminator Helmet

Made for riders who want to dominate the off roads, the Airoh Terminator Helmet offers a perfect combination of performance and protection without compromising on your comfort and style. Its bold graphic designs will make you stand out from the crowd, while its super lightweight composite carbon fibre shell, removable liners, double D rings and emergency fast remove cheek pads enhance your comfort and protection in every ride.

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Terminator Open Vision Helmet

Wearing the Airoh Terminator Open Vision Helmet lets you blaze through the toughest trails and feel indestructible. From its lightweight construction, efficient vents and extractors, dust filter, removable and washable hypoallergenic inner liner to its double D rings, this helmet has all the features to help you elevate your performance and comfort on every dirt road.

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TRR-S Trial Helmet

The Airoh TRR-S Trial Helmet is designed to give you a competitive edge in motorcycle trials where agility is the name of the game. This super lightweight open face helmet features a high performance composite shell so you can jump over road blocks and swerve to dodge obstacles without worrying about your safety while its removable top vent cover and washable liner guarantee your comfort in any trial.

Twist Helmet

Go from the road to the track to the trails with the Airoh Twist Helmet. Its lightweight, high-resistant thermoplastic shell provides excellent protection on any road and off road terrain while its adjustable peak, dust filter and Hi Flow Ventilation System contribute to a safer and more comfortable ride on the roughest trails. Pair this with your fave goggles—its wide vision port lets you wear them without any hassle—and you’re all set for your next road adventure!

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Valor Helmet

The Airoh Valor is the ultimate sport helmet for speed demons like you. It has eight different ventilation channels for superior airflow, a standard ultra-wide stop wind visor with anti-fog technology for optimum visibility and a micrometric chin strap that ensures your helmet stays in place while you ride at top speeds. Comfort, clear views, and coverage guaranteed!

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Wraap Helmet

Show off your unique rider personality with the Airoh Wraap Helmet. Its head-turning designs will distinguish you from every other rider on the dirt track while its unbelievably lightweight high-resistant thermoplastic shell and hypoallergenic lining provide you with a high level of protection and comfort in every off road adventure you take.

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Aviator 2.2 Junior Helmet

No other helmet gives you and your young rider peace of mind like the Airoh Aviator 2.2 Junior Helmet. Just like the Aviator 2.2 for adults, this helmet is packed with features to keep your future MX champ safe and comfortable with its ECE approval, Emergency Fast Remove Cheek Pads, Hi Flow Ventilation System, and lightweight construction.