Alpinestars: Riding Apparel Since 1963

In 1963, a leather craftsman from Northern Italy, began designing protective footwear for the newly emerging sport of motocross which was becoming popular in Europe. The product line was released under the Alpinestars logo.

Since then the Company has developed boots for all forms of motorcycling; on and off-road for both competitive and leisure activities. The company’s expertise became the benchmark for the industry in early 1970.

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Alpinestars High-performance racing gear

It now turned its attention to the development of road racing products. Many leading Formula 1 and Indycar drivers are now equipped with Alpinestars racing footwear.

The company released its technical apparel range by the mid 1990’s, and in 1999 Alpinestars began development of high performance road racing leather suits. An auto suit department was established in 2000. Casual leisure wear began global distribution in 2004. MTB Apparel and protection was released through the company’s cycling collection in 2010.