Kabuto Helmets: Providing Safety In Style

Founded in 1982, OGK KABUTO is a Japanese helmet manufacturing company with the ultimate objective of producing motorcycle helmets that protect the rider’s life and boost their identity.

Every OGK KABUTO helmet is made with advanced technology and superior quality materials. All their helmets – from the beginner to professional category, for children to adult riders – offer a balance of safety and style, successfully achieving their goal to protect the rider’s life while allowing them to express their unique personality.

Aeroblade 3 Helmet

Aeroblade 5 Helmet

Ibuki Helmet

Kamui Helmet

RT33 Helmet

Inspired by the helmet with the same name worn by samurai fighters in feudal Japan, each OGK KABUTO helmet embodies the same values of strength, skill and quality as these brave warriors. With their passion for continuous improvement and high quality craftsmanship, the company maintains its position as one of the leading helmet manufacturers in Japan today.