RXT Helmets: Value Like No Other

RXT has been improving the lives of Australian motorcyclists with their value-for-money helmets since 2003. As a 100% Australian motorcycle helmet brand, RXT has the advantage of knowing the Austral...read moreAustralian riding conditions firsthand. This knowledge, combined with their dedication to quality, testing, and innovation, result in high-performing helmets that help Australian riders conquer the toughest roads, terrain, and riding conditions.

Aside from their unique made-for-Australian conditions design, RXT helmets are also distinguished by their affordability. The company has earned a reputation for offering high-quality helmets at competitive prices to both kid and adult motorcyclists of all types, so whether you’re a commuter, dirt biker, casual rider or adventurer, you can experience the same benefits that more expensive helmets offer at a fraction of the price.

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The RXT Family

RXT High quality and affordable

RXT creates high-quality yet cheap motorcycle helmets to make them accessible to as many Australian riders as possible.

Drawing on more than 30 years of design experience, the designers of RXT helmets harness their ingenuity and knowledge of safety standards in their creative process. Their research and development team also leaves no stone unturned when they test the comfort, safety, and performance of each RXT helmet. The result? Innovative and functional helmets that are capable of protecting the lives of Australian motorcycle riders on every road and off road terrain.

Challenger Helmet

Think old-fashioned helmets can’t hold up to the demands of today’s riders? The RXT Challenger Helmet challenges that belief as it combines an old school aesthetic with excellent comfort and safety features. Its open face, jet style is a throwback to the helmets of the 1960s and provides unrestricted views while its sturdy ABS construction and AS1698 approval delivers the protection today’s riders need.

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Classic Helmet

The RXT Classic Helmet brings you back to the time when open face jet style helmets with retro chrome strips and synthetic leather linings were the norm. Its low-fitting design offers a comfortable fit while its ABS construction provides excellent head protection. If you don’t want to compromise on your classic style and safety, the RXT Classic is your best pick.

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Edge Helmet

Want to have an edge over other MX racers? Get it with the RXT Edge Helmet. This super light and comfortable helmet will help you focus your attention on winning your race and enjoying every off road adventure while its large eye port accommodates large-frame goggles for your optimal vision and safety.

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Evo Helmet

Sleek, safe, and affordable are three words that best describe the RXT Evo Helmet. This stylish helmet features an aerodynamic design, ABS construction, EPS liner, and double D rings so you can ride with confidence without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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Low-Rider Helmet

Whoever said comfortable helmets compromise on looks and style must have never seen the RXT Low-Rider Helmet yet. Its open face style allows you to get a full view of the road you’re travelling on while its enhanced lower-fitting design is guaranteed to look great on any rider.

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Metro Helmet

It’s very rare to find a helmet that appeals to both old school and modern bikers, but this one does. The RXT Metro Helmet has a traditional open face jet design, a handy built-in visor, and removable and washable liners housed in its modern ABS shell. It’s a perfect example of a traditional-looking helmet packed with modern features for today’s demanding riders. 

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Street Zed Helmet

What makes the RXT Street Zed Helmet essential to comfortable and safe street rides? First, it has a soft washable liner and full neck curtain that deliver unparalleled comfort. Second, it has a hard-coated, Quick-Release visor and ABS construction that provide additional protection. And third, its advanced ventilation system promotes effective airflow to keep your head cool and dry even in hot weather!

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Racer 3 Youth Helmet

Give your future MX champ the comfort and protection he needs in every race without breaking the bank. The RXT Racer 3 Youth Helmet is an affordable helmet that features an ABS shell construction, stylised internal liner, and adjustable peak to make your young rider’s off road adventure one he won’t forget.

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Rallye Helmet

Experience the benefits of a flexible, practical, and safe helmet with the RXT Rallye Helmet. Its universal design allows you to wear it as a road, trail, or Enduro helmet simply by removing its peak, visor, or both. This three-helmets-in-one features a heavy-duty ABS construction and AS/NZS 1698 standards approval for your peace of mind in all your road or off road adventures.

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SG1 Helmet 

Look good, feel good and perform your best in your next off road adventure with the SG1 Helmet. Aside from aesthetics, this rider-friendly helmet comes with a large eye port to accommodate your large-frame goggles, a lightweight construction to prevent neck fatigue, and an adjustable peak for your convenience and greater performance.

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Stone Helmet

Your search for a vintage-looking helmet with modern comfort and safety features ends with the RXT Stone Helmet. Its classic stitched lining, washable liner, padded chin strap, enhanced ventilation system, and ABS construction make it a helmet worth keeping. Whether you’re cruising downtown or navigating a busy highway, this AS.NZS approved helmet has your style and safety covered.

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Striker Helmet

The RXT Striker Helmet was designed with the everyday user in mind. Its lightweight ABS shell reduces neck fatigue, its open face design and top and rear vents allow maximum airflow, and its internal tint visor shields your eyes from the glare of the Australian sun. Whether you’re cruising, touring, or commuting, this AS/NZS 1698-approved helmet has all your needs covered!

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Venom II Helmet

The RXT Venom II Helmet’s bold colours and style make it ideal for confident riders who want to leave a mark on any road. Whether you’re making the competition eat your dust during a race or conquering challenging road conditions, the RXT Venom II is up to the task. This versatile helmet also features the UltraFlow ventilation system and double-D rings for extra comfort and safety.

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Zeneth Helmet

Looking for an off road helmet that covers your needs from A to Z? The RXT Zeneth Helmet meets the AS/NZS 1698 Standards and features a lightweight ABS material, a large eyeport for your large-frame MX goggles, an adjustable peak, efficient ventilation, and fully washable and removable liners for that fresh and clean feeling in every ride. 

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Zeneth II Helmet

Each feature of the RXT Zeneth II Helmet is designed to boost your comfort, performance, and protection on any off road competition or adventure. It has an UltraFlow Ventilation System to keep your head sweat-free, a large eyeport that lets you wear your MX goggles for improved eye protection, and double D rings for extra security.

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Assen Helmet

Stay comfortable and safe in any adventure on the road with the Assen Helmet. It has a universal road design that provides an excellent fit, an UltraFlow Ventilation System to keep your head cool and sweat-free, and a heavy-duty fibreglass shell, double D rings, and AS/NZS 1698 standards approval to protect you in every journey. 

Sabre Helmet

Thanks to its amazing comfort and safety features, the RXT Sabre Helmet will make it easier for you to savour any ride. Its UltraFlow Ventilation System, washable interiors and padded strap covers will elevate your comfort while its double D rings and anti-flap strap clip and holder will keep the helmet and strap securely fastened for your protection. 

Sprint Helmet

Ride with less distractions and more style with the Sprint Helmet. Its anti-flap strap clip and holder plus scratch-resistant visor will keep you focused on the road while its ultra modern aerodynamic shell design and attractive colours guarantee that you’ll be turning heads in your road trips—all at an affordable price.

Viper Helmet

Are you ready to face any challenge your next road adventure might throw your way? You will be if you wear the RXT Viper Helmet. Whether you’re riding at breakneck speeds along the highway or weaving in and out of traffic, this fibreglass helmet’s excellent fit, UltraFlow ventilation system, and removable interiors guarantee your comfort each and every time.