Shark Helmets: Functional Design With A French Twist

All Shark helmets are the result of a profound partnership between expert manufacturers and esteemed motorcycle riders. Having been founded in 1986 by former professional racers, each Shark Helmet is designed to be functional as well as fundamental and fully-integral to the user. As a result, Shark Helmets have been delivering high-quality performance, superior comfort and excellent protection for over 30 years.

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The Shark Family

Shark Road Racing Helmets

The team behind Shark Helmets is driven by a strong desire to innovate. Designed by racers for racers, each unit is created to provide solid protection, optimum comfort, and top-notch performance. With a distinct French aesthetic, Shark helmets are not only recognised for their technologically advanced construction but for their stylish appearance as well.

Advanced Helmet Technology

Shark Helmets was borne out of a passion for racing—a passion shared by two brothers, both of whom were professional racers. Since its founding in 1986, this motorcycle helmet brand has been committed to its mission of designing and producing motorcycle helmets that will become a part of the rider himself.

Each Shark helmet exemplifies the brand’s motto—Design for a Function—and includes powerful features that were conceived based on the brothers’ experience on the track and intensive research and development. Shark Helmets constantly challenge the boundaries of helmet design and manufacturing to empower racers to push past their limits and experience the thrill of riding freely and without fear for their safety.

Evo-One Astor Helmet

Have it all with just one helmet. The Shark Evo-One Astor Helmet is a compact and aerodynamic modular helmet that provides excellent vision, weather protection, ventilation, soundproofing, and fit even for eyeglass-wearing riders. It also has a patented system that automatically lifts the visor every time you raise or lower the chin bar for more efficient rides.

Evo-One 2 Slasher Helmet

Ride freely without compromising on your safety. The Evo-One 2 Slasher Helmet is a P/J approved helmet with an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor, cheek pads that accommodate eyeglasses, and a composite fibre outer shell that offers excellent impact absorption. This is one modular helmet that lets you cruise with the chin bar up or down without lowering your protection.

Spartan Bionic Helmet

Ride at top speeds with the super aerodynamic Spartan Bionic Helmet. This stylish sport helmet has a double spoiler with built-in air extractors to keep your head feeling cool and fresh during the most intense racing competitions. It also has a unique “shark skin” cover that effectively reduces that distracting whistling noise.

Spartan Helmet

With its 4-star SHARP rating, lightweight fibreglass and fibreglass/carbon composite shell versions with integrated air extractors, and antibacterial Microtech lining, the Spartan Helmet completely satisfies the needs of the most demanding street riders for safety, aerodynamic performance, and that clean, cool and comfortable feeling especially during extended rides.

Spartan Karken Helmet

Designed for the aggressive sport rider or commuter, the Spartan Karken Helmet is a full-face helmet packed with all the features you need for comfortable and safe road adventures all-year-round. Its double spoiler has integrated air extractors for excellent aerodynamics and airflow, while its “shark skin” cover keeps noise at a minimum so you can better enjoy your ride.