Shoei Helmets: Japanese Artistry, World-Class Quality

Shoei Helmets are synonymous with high quality, handcrafted helmets that feature the best of Japanese craftsmanship and design. A passion to innovate is reflected through the evolution of their helmets, with next generation materials and techniques for superior head protection and comfort.

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The Shoei Family

Shoei Helmets & Motorcycles R Us

Since Eitaro Kamata founded the company in 1958, the brand has produced motorcycle racing helmets distinguished by their remarkable attention to detail and impeccable construction. Now, more than 60 years later, Shoei continues its tradition of producing helmets that are manufactured from the highest-quality materials, designed with their customers’ insights, and developed using cutting edge technologies and rigorous testing methods.

At Motorcycles ‘R’ Us we stock a great range of all the latest Shoei motorcycle helmets online and in our showroom with all the styles, sizes and variations Shoei have to offer.

Shoei Premium Helmets

Innovative design

In over 60 years of Shoei’s presence in the world of motorcycles, it has established itself as a leader in protective headgear and has come a long way from its original racing design to cater to other forms of motorcycle riding. Shoei’s manual helmet production method belies their passion for innovation. They may be one of the very few helmet manufacturers that still produces helmets by hand to this day, but that does not mean they are confining themselves to old-fashioned systems and technologies.

Shoei is among the pioneers of the lightweight carbon-fibre helmets when they first came out in the 1970’s, and their GRV helmet is the first motorcycle helmet that was made from a mix of carbon fibre and Kevlar. Another remarkable innovation and contribution of the company is their Dual Liner Ventilation and coverless shield systems.

Shoei GT-Air Helmet

Enjoy the most comfortable road trips and the clearest views on the road with the Shoei GT-Air Helmet. Its adjustable vents facilitate airflow to keep you feeling cool and fresh, its 3D centre pad and washable cheek pads offer optimum comfort, while its Pinlock® Anti-Fog System, breath guard and drop-down internal sun visor ensure you a fog- and glare-free ride.

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Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

The good just got better. The Shoei GT-Air II Helmet has notable improvements from its predecessor for an even better riding experience. Its enhanced Advanced Integrated Matrix shell design delivers a better fit and enhanced safety to riders, while its improved ventilation system and longer sun visor offer comfort and protection like no other.

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Shoei NXR Helmet

Step up your game and push yourself to the limits with the Shoei NXR Helmet. This full face sport helmet has cheek pads and a 3D centre pad that provides a comfortable and snug fit, new and ergonomic visor and base plate system, and quick-drying interiors to keep you dry and fresh for longer, especially during your most gruelling rides on the track.

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Shoei X-Spirit III Helmet

Show up in any race track with the spirit of a true road warrior with the Shoei X-Spirit III Helmet. This Moto GP-developed helmet lets you dominate the race tracks with its integrated wind spoiler, rear stabiliser, multiple high-flow vents, allergenic and anti-bacterial interiors, and multi-density EPS liner all housed in an Advanced Integrated Matrix shell.

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Shoei Ryd Helmet

What makes the Shoei Ryd Helmet the perfect commuting and touring companion? Simple: it ensures your comfort and safety above all. Whether you’re making a quick stop downtown or going out for long rides, its advanced airflow system, multi-density EPS liner, innovative visor with fog-resistant technology, and SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

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Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Gear up for any kind of road adventure with the Shoei Neotec II Helmet. Its reputation as the best modular helmet in the world can be attributed to its P/J double homologation, compact and lightweight Advanced Integrated Matrix shell, two-density EPS liner, ergonomic cheek pads and chin spoiler. For the ultimate comfort, quietness and aerodynamics in a modular, look no further than the Neotec II.

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Shoei ADV Seeker Helmet

Take on rough roads and blaze through uncharted territories with the Shoei ADV Seeker Helmet. This dual sport helmet guarantees your comfort, performance, and safety in all your on and off road adventures with its exclusive Max-Dry Interior System II liner, sturdy peak, advanced ventilation system, and multiple-density EPS liner.

Shoei J Cruise Helmet

There are open face motorcycle helmets, and there is the Shoei J Cruise Helmet. This innovative, lightweight helmet features a 100% optically correct CJ-2 face shield, shell-integrated spoiler for less drag, and an internal sun visor for UV and glare protection. If you want the freedom of an open face helmet and the performance of a full face helmet, this one’s for you.