A new Suzuki model is coming.

A teaser video has been released by Global Suzuki’s YouTube channel, hinting what could be the bike we’ve all been anxious to have released.

On 28 January 2021, Suzuki posted the below video, announcing the unveiling will be on 5 February 2021.

We took a couple of screenshots from the video, hinting it could very well be the new Hayabusa. As a dealer, we don’t even know, however anyone who recognises the shape and instrument cluster of the current one could assume this will be it.

Suzuki will announce this new model to the world on 5 February 2021.
Fans of the current Hayabusa will recognise this instrument cluster layout.

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The bike will be announced to the world and later we will learn of a date of arrival to Australia, with no doubt pricing released much closer to the arrival date.

As they say, stay tuned.