Australia Day 2019 | Trading

It’s the long weekend for some, and for the likes of us, it’s a moment to juggle an important day on the calendar with a weekend and appointed public holiday!

Australia Day | Saturday 26th January 2019

We will be open as usual, including our eatery Tony’s Cafe, from 8:00am until 2:00pm.  Although this day is the date we know, it’s a weekend, and Queensland has decided it’s not a day to close.

Australia Day Public Holiday | Monday 28th January 2019

Since as above, we have the dates falling when they do, we will be closed on the Monday.  This includes all departments, including sales, service, parts, accessories, and our cafe.

On Tuesday 29th January 2019, we resume normal business from 7:30am for our Service Centre, and 8:00am for the remainder of the store.

Ride safe.

With the weekend signalling a close to the school holidays, many exhausted families will be returning home from being away, and with frustration on the roads we expect they’ll be some extra careful riding involved to dodge the silliness.  We like our customers to be around and spending up in our store, and you do that better as a healthy safe rider, so be mindful please of the douchebags who think their rego earns them a right to drive like a knob, and come home with your bike and yourself in the same condition that you left in.

Have a great weekend everyone, a long one for those lucky enough to score such a thing, and we’ll see you in our store soon.