Expressions of Interest Sought.

Anyone who’s visited our store here over the years would know the bossman Tony Armstrong has a collection of motorcycles. What you may or may not know is Tony’s Bundaberg store, Mega Motorcycles which is managed by his son Anthony, kept some of those motorcycles suspended from the ceiling. Good anti-theft and something to gasp at upon entry.

Honda CR125R CR250R CR500 | Group Shot
These are going to take some folk’s breath away.

Tony has retrieved the suspended motorcycles, and now has them here in our Underwood showroom behind the cafe on display.

But not just to admire, in fact, he has chosen to accept offers. These offers are not something that you might think are a bargain sell out, so really, if you’re keen, it’s something you’ll need to dig deep [very deep] to genuinely own. This could very well be something you’ve been hoping to happen one day, and now the opportunity is here it’s time to make that offer to Tony known.

Honda CR125R Red Side
The Honda CR125R.
Honda CR250R Red Right Side
The Honda CR250R.
Honda CR500 Red Right Side
The Honda CR500.

Three motorcycles in total and must be sold as a complete unit together, not individually. A Honda CR125R, Honda CR250R and Honda CR500. We can already hear your heart beating harder when I mentioned the CR500.

Plenty of images to admire if you’re just a fan, or drop in and see them in real life (the resolution is amazing – geek joke).

Only talk to Tony regarding seriously purchasing, questions about pricing will be ignored of course, it’s something special to behold to own these brand new beauties. I hope the photos show off what you are amazed to see.

Plenty more images below.