GASGAS ramps up with stock arrivals.

In December 2020 we were announced as a GASGAS dealer, stock supply was a global issue. We are pleased to see our showroom continue to fill up and have signage be fitted.

Visit our GASGAS showroom for a range of new motorcycles to purchase or order in.

Demand for mini, motocross and enduro remains strong. GASGAS have been delivering of late, with shipments arriving and pre-orders mostly fulfilled, we can finally offer showroom stock for fast delivery.

Juniors will stop asking for a new bike when they take delivery of their MC 50, MC 65 or MC 85.

Big kids can enjoy the newly arrived MC 125 two stroke, or go four stroke with a MC 250F or MC450F. MC 450F’s are still in hot demand, no showroom stock…yet.

Those wanting rego’d bikes for the bush can take delivery of TPI two stroke models in EC 250 or EC 300, or fuel injected four stroke EC 250F or EC 350F.

The beauty of GASGAS thus far is a simplified model line up at an affordable price. Those familiar with the KTM product will recognise great buying.

GASGAS’ philosophy is to #GetOnTheGas, where price meets fun offering a solid reason to own a euro moto without compromise.

Stock still remains limited against the wishes of our supply requests, be sure to secure something for yourself or the little one before we again are back to hard supplies.

We are authorised for the above units, however if you are after a Trials version, talk to us to refer you to the authorised GASGAS trials dealer.

Enjoy the gallery below of our store. Click on each image for the larger version.