Introducing our newest training partner.

Graham Davis and Troy Warhurst.

Please welcome Graham Davies, Q-Ride instructor for Ride for Life.  Graham, pictured here with Troy, has partnered with Brisbane Spyder, part of Motorcycles R Us, where we’re pleased to announce Can-Am Spyder Rider Training and Instruction is now available.

Graham is a qualified Q-Ride instructor (RSP 293R4270) who loves getting out and about on two wheels or three!!  Over the last 40 years Graham has ridden nearly every type of bike there is, both here in Australia and in Europe.

Graham Davies, Ride for Life.
Graham is an expert in instruction for Can-Am Spyder’s.

Combining his passion for “all things motorbike”, a love of the outdoors, and an extensive business, training and coaching background, Graham has created the Ride for Life motorcycle training business.

For Graham, one of the joys of teaching motorbike riding and roadcraft skills is meeting people of all ages (so far, its 18-80 years) and from all walks of life.  Helping students achieve their riding goals is really rewarding.  Many students never thought they could ride a bike, others know how to ride but lack roadcraft skills.  Others haven’t ridden for years so a skills refresh is achieved with one on one or small group sessions.  Whatever the goal Graham can customise the training required.

Graham's Spyder with Ride for Life logo.

Graham writes:

It’s a privilege to teach a new rider the important underpinning knowledge and safety skills as well as the “fun” technical riding and roadcraft skills.  Seeing the lightbulb moment when they “get it” is priceless.  Sharing the excitement of signing off a student’s open license or pulling up at a coffee shop and meeting students out riding also keeps me motivated to stay training.”

As well as the Q-Ride accredited training courses, Ride for Life runs half or full day Extension Rides and one-on-one or small group customised road rides.  This is where Graham becomes a coach and works with riders to hone their skills and put their knowledge into practice while also learning new techniques, meeting new people and, of course, having fun out on the road.

We’re excited to partner with Motorcycles ‘R’ Us to offer Can-Am Spyder training and bike hire, and our bike fleet now includes a Spyder (fondly named “Wombat”).  Graham enjoys training riders new to the Spyder or transitioning riders from two wheeled bikes.  “Wombat” is also available for half and full day hire.  The Spyder appeals to a wide range of people and opens up a new world to people wanting to ride a bike but for whatever reason cannot ride a two wheeled motorcycle.  Can-Am Spyder’s are not currently LAMS approved and different criteria applies to new Spyder learner riders.

The first step to any training is having a chat about your goals and experience so make contact through all the usual channels.  If I’m training when you call, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

To contact Graham, speak to Troy Warhurst, our Can-Am Spyder Specialist on 07 32087999, and arrange your next Spyder training session.