Officially Brisbane Can-Am On-Road

With the upcoming Can-Am Ryker, it was time to make a change away from the Brisbane Spyder name we’ve held for many years now.

We welcome the name Brisbane Can-Am On-Road. This is officially registered as a business name, and is in line with BRP Australia, the manufacturers of Spyder and Ryker and many other great products, and a fresh look for our business.

We’ve been proudly selling Spyder’s for nearly 10 years, and with the Ryker on the way there’ll be a whole new reason to get on three wheels and experience a Ride Like No Other.

Continue to visit our showroom and workshop for every new Can-Am On-Road, from new Spyder’s and soon Ryker’s, to pre-owned offerings, to spares, accessories, rider wear, tyres, servicing, insurance quotes policies and repairs, finance for you new Can-Am On-Road, maintenance including regular servicing, specialised wheel alignment and of course demonstrators for road tests and presentation.

See you soon as we welcome this new name but same great crew!