Suzuki celebrates 100 years of incorporation.

On Sunday 15 March 2020, Suzuki Motor Corporation, manufacturer of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, automobiles and outboard marine engines celebrated its 100th year of incorporation.

Originally founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, located in a small coastal village of Hamamatsu producing weaving looms for Japan’s booming silk industry.

On 15th March 1920, Suzuki made the bold decision during the post-war depression to transform the company into a joint-stock company, and thus became Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. By providing unique products not available from its competitors, such as looms that could use dyed threads to weave multi-coloured fabric, the company continued to grow.

In 1952 Suzuki introduced its first auxiliary bicycle engine called the Power Free, which featured a 36cc 2-stroke engine. Regulations at the time allowed for motorised bicycles to be used without needing a specific licence, this allowed the Power Free to become an immediate success with record sales.

Achieving strong sales with the Power Free and the subsequently released Diamond Free, on 1st June 1954, the company’s name was changed from Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.

The following year the company would realise Michio Suzuki’s dream of “developing automobiles” which was originally suspended due to World War II, with the introduction of the Suzulight automobile in October 1955. The same year the company would also introduce its first production motorcycle range with the Colleda COX 125cc single-cylinder 4-stroke and Colleda ST 125cc single-cylinder 2-stroke motorcycles.

The famous ‘S’ mark company trademark was chosen on 1st October 1958 from over 300 submissions. Since then, it has remained exactly the same for over 60 years, its consistency ensuring global familiarity.

In 1965 the company would enter the outboard motor business releasing the D55 outboard engine. The strategy was to further expand its business by developing products utilising the technology and know-how cultivated from its motorcycle and automobile departments.

Today Suzuki products can be grouped into three main classifications: automobile, motorcycle and marine. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed a new commemorative logo which links these three products together, signifying its status as a multi-mobility company.

The ‘100’ naturally recognises the centenary of incorporation, however the design represents the infinitive future going forward and also expresses the sense of motion with the three trailing lines representing the automobile, motorcycle and marine product groups.

Join us here at Motorcycles R Us, also known as Springwood Suzuki, in congratulating and celebrating Suzuki in their 100 year milestone.