Our own creation | 2019 Suzuki DR650SE Adventure

Although this is not the first time we’ve played with this idea, this time around we’ve experimented with a few changes that suit today’s interests and rider feedback from other additions and modifications.

Suzuki DR650SE Adventure Kit 2019 at Springwood Suzuki

Meet our 2019 Suzuki DR650SE demonstrator, Adventure model you could say.

Suzuki DR650SE Adventure Kit 2019 at Springwood Suzuki

Anyone who’s been offroad in the last decade would have seen something towards a DR650 with mods and additions to suit longer rides, or heavier riders than factory standard, or just plain right want improvement over the standard bike.

Suzuki DR650SE Adventure Kit 2019 at Springwood Suzuki

Considering two starting factors today we had a good base to start with.  The current model DR650SE retails on road for $8990 without discounts.  And, Suzuki’s current promotion being active, where you score at no cost a genuine alloy bash plate, genuine Barkbuster reinforced hand protectors, and a genuine rear rack for your goodies.  And with a rebate in place, that reduces the price a little more.

Then we added our own extras.  An Acerbis 25L tank in black (to match the existing black plastics of the 2019 model), a super-comfy Seat Concepts seat, Click N Ride LED blinker set which are removable for when in the dirt and no blinkers required (fire trail) so you don’t snap them when your bike goes down plus they look great being LED over the incandescent standard amber units, a Delkevic stainless silencer, a jetting kit for better power delivery, Pivot Pegz for much improved footing, B&B Oil Cooler Protector, and what you cannot see, the Forks and Springs front and rear have been drastically improved to handle weight better especially carrying more fuel.

Suzuki DR650SE Rider's View

And being our demo, we registered it single seating so pillion pegs are off.  DR650SE’s traditionally are dual seat registerable (if in Queensland you understand what I’m saying) but single seat rego is a year-round saving if you don’t pillion, which is nearly every DR650SE rider in our opinion.

Suzuki DR650SE Profile

We could kit a bike up similar to this for you for around $12,500 ride away, depending on pricing at the time of the bike and the extras.  When you think about all that’s been done here, that’s massive value for a very capable and trusted trail bike.  We’ve only had the bike out not even 24hrs in front of the store and 5 people have asked about it.  More attention than some other high priced clever machines.

We’re aiming this set up towards those who are not after electronics, or mapping, or ABS and traction systems that are adjustable; in other words, the old school buyer who wants simplicity but doesn’t want to miss out on having the gear that suits their off road riding.  Especially fuel range.  Changing that tank makes a massive difference, and then setting the suspension up to suit makes for a very decent ride.  Even pushing it around is easy.  Imagine how far you could get and still feel great too.

Suzuki DR650SE Front Cowl Badge

Drop in and see the team upstairs in accessories and spares, plus the Service Centre who put this amazing package together, and check it out yourself in person.  We won’t sell this anytime soon and we have brand new DR650SE’s in stock for the model year 2019.

More images below of our set up.