Tony’s Cafe.

Since 2003, stationed within the Motorcycles R Us building with seating outside, Tony’s Cafe has catered for both motorcyclists and locals alike. Well priced quality meals presented at your table or for take away, regulars and groups admire simple comfort food done right.

You won’t go home hungry from Tony’s Cafe.

Paired with your favourite beverage, this is the place for breakfast or lunch, 6 days a week. Merlo Coffee or Ice Cold Milkshakes made the right way, or grab something from the drinks fridge like soft drink, juices, energy drinks or flavoured milks.

Merlo Coffee is a great compliment to your breakfast or lunch.

Dining for breakfast, we recommend:

  • Big Breakfast
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Pancake Stack
  • Savoury Mince (made in-house)

Lunch from 10:30am could be:

  • Steak Sandwich
  • Tony’s Burger
  • Chicken Schnitzel Burger
  • Chicken Pamigiana
  • BLT
  • Salad Plate
  • Fresh or Toasted Sandwich
  • Ham/Chicken Salad Wrap
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Bowl of Chips

Have a drink on it’s own or with something above:

  • Coffee in Mug, Cup, or a Pot of Tea
  • Milk Shake
  • Thick Shake
  • Iced Chocolate or Coffee
  • Bottled Juice
  • Soft Drink
  • Energy Drink
  • Flavoured Milk
  • Soda Water

Either dine outside, like many do to admire the bikes on display or the proud riders arriving or leaving, or inside to utilise our free Wi-Fi for work or play. With 3 big TV screens (2 inside, 1 outside), we showcase motorsport or events with a high end audio system with speakers inside and out.

Kitchen cooking hours are less than trading hours.
Monday | 8:00am – 2:30pm
Tuesday | 8:00am – 2:30pm
Wednesday | 8:00am – 2:30pm
Thursday | 8:00am – 2:30pm
Friday | 8:00am – 2:30pm
Saturday* | 8:00am – 12:30pm
Sunday | CLOSED
Public Holidays | CLOSED (same as the bike showroom movements)

*Saturday’s – this day attracts large groups at the beginning of the day. Please allow time for ordering and meal preparation. Your feedback is welcomed as we best cater for both groups and individuals.

We keep the drinks fridge properly-cold, ideal following a hot ride.
Low priced chocolates to help accompany those cravings following your meal or drink, or just in case you want a snack.
Milkshakes made the proper way, with ice cream and plenty of flavouring.


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Page 1 of Tony's Cafe Menu
Page 1 of Tony’s Cafe Menu
Page 2 of Tony's Cafe Menu
Page 2 of Tony’s Cafe Menu
Page 3 of Tony's Cafe Menu
Page 3 of Tony’s Cafe Menu