The Suzuki Katana. So much to tell you.

It’s common knowledge after a long lead up that the Suzuki Katana name is making its way back to society. This time in the form of a reimagined sports street bike. As we are asked many questions from curious minds, we’ve put together a group of answers from asked questions. Read on to become quite educated.

Suzuki Katana Preview | December 2018 at Motorcycles R Us
A pre-production Katana at our showroom for a brief visit.

So what’s this generally about?
The Suzuki Katana, or Suzuki GSX-S1000S Katana, will be a 2020 model year motorcycle that is due in Australia late 2019.

Is it the original bike that everyone knows about?
No. This is entirely different, however with some design cues and features that your eyes will relate to the old bike. Like Ford did with the Mustang; same concept, new invention.

What colours are they coming in?
The expected Metallic Mystic Silver, and now a Glass Sparkle Black as a second option. Both with retro red decals.

Choose your weapon.

Has pricing for Australia been released yet?
Yes. Priced at $18,990 ride away including dealer costs, registration, CTP and vehicle duty. Suzuki worked hard to keep this under $20k considering many factors including production costs, shipping, import duties, exchange rates. We are pleased with the pricing announced.

I like reading reviews. Have the press had a chance to ride one yet?
Yes. In Japan, and it was very cold. You can find many reviews online. A great go-to is Trevor’s review at You can read that here.

Proof the Japanese are very organised.

What’s so great about these and why all the hype?
The original Katana when Suzuki employed German designers from BMW blew people’s mind, as it was the first bike to move away from the dull look everyone knew. It was hated, yet today, it is sought after second-hand. The Katana name has a big following, so it is no surprise the Katana has again become very much talked about with many comments for and against – just like the original Katana.

Are they in your showroom yet?
Not yet. Back in late 2018, Suzuki announced the Katana. Shortly after, an online database opened for pre-orders with an incentive to buy now with a complimentary premium Arai helmet for those who did. Suzuki Australia worked tirelessly with Japan to secure a decent shipment and guarantee the pre-orders get fulfilled. This is hard work as Australia is a small place in population and global demand is bonkers.

So, when are you getting a Katana I can see?
The first shipment for pre-orders arrive in Australia September 2019. These are for those who’ve already committed. Once these have been delivered, the next shipment will be for showroom stock, arriving October 2019.

I’d love to ride one, will you have a demonstrator?
At this stage we’re awaiting demonstrator approval. With strong demand, having a demonstrator here is a priority for Suzuki and ourselves, however units to sell will get priority. Time will tell and we’ll publish that here when a demo is available.

What are the specs on the new Katana?
You can see everything and more on our listing within new Suzuki motorcycles. Click here to go there now.

Will there be genuine bolt-on accessories?
Yes, we will have those on our website soon with pricing.

Can I buy Katana merchandise like shirts and jackets?
These will be available, and we will have these on our website with pricing soon.

I’ve seen some comments about a fuel capacity objection against the new Katana. What are your thoughts on this?
The main concern of folks, who may or may not be buying one, is the fuel capacity. There’s no official statement from Suzuki regarding the decision to manufacturer with a 12L tank. We can make our opinion known from three decades with Suzuki, that bikes aren’t always built for our wide country, with many selling in higher populated countries with shorter rides and many fuel stations available. Consider too a large tank of fuel adds to top end weight. This is a street bike not long distance tourer like a V-Strom.

Considering how efficient the Katana is expected to be with today’s clever engineering, we don’t think fuel range will be a problem for this type of street sports bike. Yes the hero’s will boast who have larger tanks so expect to be given slack for the servo stops ahead and we think your mates will appreciate the leg stretch and coffee break anyways. You’ll be refreshed and round them up on the next group of corners.

What more can you tell me? This is a good read.
Suzuki’s statement is: Forged to perfection and polished to a magnificent radiance. Engineered to provide maximum control and optimum performance. Finely crafted to take riding enjoyment to a new level. The Suzuki KATANA is destined to create a new legend. From the sharp lines and highlights defining the length of its body to the rider-friendly performance of its 110kW engine, every detail of the Suzuki KATANA speaks of distinctive beauty. While its design cues pay due homage to the iconic 1981 GSX1100S KATANA, which stole the hearts of riders around the world,the new KATANA is a thoroughly modern machine that is breathtaking to behold and inspiring to ride.

I read the Katana will have a GSX-R derived engine?
The 999cc engine features a long-stroke design resulting in a broad power range delivered smoothly across the entire rev range. Producing 110kW (150PS) @10,000rpm with 108Nm of torque @9,500rpm putting the power to the ground through a back-torque limiting clutch. The broad low-to-mid range power and torque is well suited for street riding. The crankshaft/gearbox layout allows the use of a frame design that runs straight from the steering head to swing-arm pivot. This allows for a lightweight frame design. The 2005-2008 generation GSX-R1000 which this engine is derived from won a number of racing championships around the world. The engine has a strong reputation in the market, it is ultra-reliable, and it delivers plenty of power. The broad low-to-mid range power and torque is well suited for street riding.

Derived doesn’t mean old, does it?
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a 10 year old engine that was laying around. Thanks to modern technology, Suzuki was able to resurrect this famous and highly respected powerplant and transform it to suit performance street riding application for GSX-S & KATANA models.

  • New pistons -3% lighter than K8 GSX-R1000.
  • New cylinder head.
  • New crankshaft & connecting rods.
  • New intake and exhaust camshafts.
  • Upgraded to Iridium spark plugs.
  • Cylinder plating (SCEM).
  • New gearbox & ratios.
  • Back-torque-limiting clutch.
  • Newly added ventilation holes between the pistons on the upper crankcase.

How about the instrument cluster. Anything special about it?

The panel features a custom display with graphics exclusive to the KATANA with white lettering on a black background.LCD readouts include:
-Dual trip meters
-Lap timer
-Gear position
-Water temperature
-Riding range
-Average fuel consumption
-Instant fuel consumption
-Traction control mode (1-2-3-OFF)
-Fuel gauge
-Battery voltage

LED lighting is becoming a great feature of motorcycles as well as cars and marine and aviation. Is the Katana equipped with LED’s?

Yes. There is LED lighting from front to back. After all, you want to be seen and LEDs offer the best chance of this to other road users. LED’s also naturally encourage the motorcycle to look modern. They are durable and are a lot less prone to function fail than globes, so a better chance you won’t be fined for an unroadworthy motorcycle with the factory lights left as they are from new without modifications.

LED Headlight | the highly distinctive light beam from the vertically stacked LED headlight provides clear illumination and helps make the KATANA clearly visible to pedestrians and other traffic at night.
LED Front Position Lights and Indicators | the clear white position lights and amber turning indicators provide maximum visibility, durability and overall efficiency.
LED Tail and Brake Light | the distinctive design of these lights creates a sharp look, while the red LED lighting scheme maximises visibility, durability and overall efficiency.
LED Rear indicators | mounted on the unique satellite rear fender that extends from the swingarm, these bright LED lights are highly visible.

I’ve read a lot, but can you summarise?

  • 999cc inline, four cylinder, long-stroke engine derived from K5-K8 GSX-R1000.
  • 110kW of power (150ps) @ 10,000rpm
  • 108Nm of torque @9,500rpm
  • Back-torque-limiting clutch as standard
  • Iridium spark plugs as standard
  • Suzuki’s advanced traction control system (3 modes and OFF)
  • LED headlight, position lights, rear tail light and indicators
  • Exclusive KATANA themed LCD instrument cluster
  • Comfortable and stylish two-tone seat
  • Aluminium tapered handlebars as standard fitment
  • Compact & lightweight twin spar aluminium chassis
  • 43mm KYB inverted front forks with adjustable compression and rebound damping and spring preload
  • Brembo radial mount monobloc calipers
  • Lightweight BOSCH anti-lock brake system (640g)
  • Low RPM Assist
  • Suzuki Easy Start System
  • Dunlop Roadsport 2 tyres

So compared to the old Katana, what’s the difference with this new Katana? I know it’s a new bike, but I knew the old bike really well.

Old vs New | you may remember the rush of the old weapon. Now see what decades of engineering has done to improve what we get to play with today.

Stay tuned for Katana information as it comes to hand. We’re excited to have on offer the newest addition to the Suzuki stable. It’s been a long time coming and will be worth the wait.

I want one. How do I buy one right now?
Customers interested in securing their new KATANA from the first shipment are encouraged to place their order now. Order here – Black or Silver.