KTM 2022 Street & Adventure Range Summary

For 2022, KTM Australia have released pricing on Street & Adventure models. A summary below to help your buying decisions.

KTM 390 Adventure 2022

The LAMS approved 390 Adventure has been a massive hit for its affordability, so much so, non-LAMS buyers are purchasing. For 2022, some updates are included:

  • New livery and graphics, in either blue or black
  • Street and off-road traction control modes
  • Stronger 5 spoke rims (pictured with 6 spoke however)
  • Euro5 emissions compliant

Good news also was there was no price increase, although that could change in today’s climate. With pre-orders already being placed, this will be hard work to supply. We recommend ordering sooner than later to join the national queue.

KTM 390 Duke 2022

No updates for this top selling street bike. Previously available in two colour (white or silver), appears for 2022 there is only white. No price rises however we expect stock will be hard to come by.

KTM 200 Duke ABS 2022

The most affordable KTM LAMS approved street bike remains so. For 2022, no changes and no price rises. Like the 390 Duke, we expect stock will be tough to obtain with these in hot demand globally in the markets they are sold in.

KTM 890 Adventure 2022

No changes for 2022 for this tarmac orientated adventure bike. A price rise has been applied by KTM. Still available in two colour choices; orange and black that’s more like dark grey.

KTM 890 Adventure R 2022

Like the non-R, no changes for 2022 models and yes, a price rise has been applied. We expect the hot demand Rally variant to appear this year, with pricing TBA at some stage.

KTM 890 Duke & 890 Duke GP 2022

No changes to specification, however a third player joins in limited numbers; the 890 Duke GP. Celebrating MotoGP, this variant is based on the 890 Duke’s above, with special livery and a passenger seat cowl as standard. The 890 Duke 2022 has a price rise, the GP is a tad more expensive. We recommend a GP if you like the look, it’ll be something special later on or when you’re seen out riding.

KTM 890 Duke R 2022

The top-spec R with special livery, sticky tyres, sports riding triangle and passenger cowl has no changes but a price rise for 2022. The latest bikes sold have had some fantastic additions by owners fitted, talk to our team about those which may help with your ideas.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S 2022

Nil changes to the 2022 model, which earned massive updates only recently. Often the forgotten adventure bike, we highly recommend an S if you plan little to nil offroading, want insane power, love technology and I mean loads of it like radar cruise for example, may ride two-up, want to fit luggage, ride on typical country roads that are riddled with broken tarmac and potholes, want amazing night lighting and enjoy a low centred three-cell fuel tank. A price rise applies, two colours and as above, getting hard to come by.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R 2022

The top line R model with special livery remains unchanged for 2022, however does attract a price rise. For those attracted to off-road travelling, or want a bike to turn off the tarmac without worry, this still remains a threat to the competition where KTM rule the dirt with it’s successful Dakar results and education.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R & 1290 Super Duke R EVO 2022

For 2022, new livery is welcomed to the showroom. In orange with silver, or, well, KTM say its black however we say it’s mostly blue with some black and orange. A price rise applies with no mechanical changes, as they say, if it ain’t broke. The variant is still young and highly suitable for all riding skills, from new to opens to advanced powersliders, the electronics and engineering make this one hell-of-a allrounder.

The EVO model with semi-active suspension remains ultra-special, with no news from KTM of future releases beyond the one in our showroom if its still there at time of reading.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2022

The most updated 2022 model award is handed to the sports touring GT. KTM have received massive praise from global journalists for reviews on this model, it should be considered if adventure riding is not required but you still want tech, horsepower and a ‘real’ bike to tour on (and massive fairings aren’t your thing). Welcomed updated include:

  • A larger 7″ colour display with unique graphics for the GT
  • KTM’s first model to showcase TBT+ navigation via KTM CONNECT
  • New livery, only one colour choice as pictured
  • Lighter wheels taken from the R, saving 1kg which amplifies to better unsprung mass
  • New proven switchgear to match the new display
  • New optional electronics packages to better align with the R
  • Heated grips remain standard, essential for a Grand Tourer

A price rise accompanied the updated GT. We’ve already been advised due to global demand, this bike will be hard to come by. We’ll always stock one when we can, however pre-orders take priority for customers.

That’s the summary completed. For more information, contact our Sales Team, 07 3208 7999, or visit the showroom 112 Kingston Rd, Underwood where it’s been for over 40 years.