KTM Triple Threat at EICMA | 3 models announced

KTM are proving they are geared for continued global growth, launching three models at the famous motorcycle exhibition in Italy just now in November 2019. With 9 years straight of improved sales, the 10th year looks to keep the trend moving in a positive direction with the launch of what the public asked for and will have from year 2020 to purchase.


KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R 2020

Having shed its skin, the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R is now a leaner, meaner and an even more menacing hyper-naked bike than ever before. Mounted into an all-new chassis, beats an updated version of the renowned 75 degree, 1301 cc LC8, V-Twin heart, taking THE BEAST to the next level.

  • DISPLACEMENT | 1301cm3
  • POWER | 132kW
  • TORQUE | 140Nm
  • DESIGN | 2cyl 4 stroke V-Twin 75 degree
  • BORE | 108mm
  • STROKE | 71mm
  • STARTER | Electric
  • LUBRICATION | Forced oil lubrication with 3 oil pumps
  • TRANSMISSION | 6 speeds
  • COOLING | Liquid
  • CLUTCH | PASC (TM) slipper clutch, hydraulically actuated
  • ENGINE MANAGEMENT | Keihin EMS with RBW and cruise control, double ignition
  • CO2 | 144g/km
  • FRAME | Chrome-moly tubular space frame, powder-coated
  • SUSPENSION FRONT | 125mm travel
  • SUSPENSION REAR | 140mm travel
  • BRAKES | Brembo, disc
  • FRONT BRAKES | 320mm diameter
  • REAR BRAKE | 240mm diameter
  • ABS BRAKING | Two-channel Bosch 9.1 MP ABS (incl. Cornering ABS and Supermoto mode Disengageable)
  • CHAIN | 525 X-Ring
  • STEERING HEAD | 64.8 degree angle
  • SEAT HEIGHT | 835mm
  • FUEL TANK | 16L
  • DRY WEIGHT | 189kg


Meaner engine, now 177hp and 140Nm.
Subtle yet impactful development.
Lighter but retains torquey character.
New linkage mounts, this holds THE BEAST together. Literally.
Thinner engine casings.
Revised water and oil cooler mounts, 0.8kg weight saving.
Oil delivery improved with a lightweight aluminum oil line.
No more double wall system required for oil delivery.
Engine carrier bracket and linkage mount now integrated to the engine case.
55mm higher swingarm pivot, improved stability and anti-squat.
New top feed injectors.
56mm throttle bodies, both improving air to fuel mix and high rpm.
More torque, better economy throughout the rev range.
Same PANKL gearbox but with faster shift times.
Shorter shift action and lighter lever modulation.
Smoother shift action due to improved spline shaft and bronzed copper coating on shift forks.
Shifter times quicker = faster acceleration.
60mm exhaust pipe dimension at the headers.
2 catalytic convertors control emissions with compromising power or torque.
All-new ram-air intake positioned in the LED headlight mast.
All-new CFD optimised airbox with new smaller resonator chambers.
This forces air into the combustion chambers.
Newly designed and easy to access air box.
Major chassis overhaul.
New frame with 3 times torsional rigidity vs 2019 model.
Stickier tyres.
Smarter WP Suspension.
Aluminium and carbon composite subframe.
Completely revised geometry.
Now stiffer, lighter, faster.
Wider frame tubes, thinner walls, now 2kg lighter.
All-new lighter composite subframe combining a number of functions.
Passenger seat, licence plate holder, taillights – all bolt directly to the sub-frame.
Longer single-sided swingarm is now closer to the output sprocket, more control.
Pivot point has also been moved, improving overall geometry and travel.
Suspension improvements across all elements for handling, adjustability and performance.
Lighter and fully adjustable WP APEX forks.
Split function compression and rebound settings.
Adjustable preload settings.
New lighter forged aluminium triple clamps with 32mm offset.
Matched to aluminium steering column, extra weight saving.
Newly developed WP APEX rear shock.
Rear with separate gas and oil reservoirs, lighter and more compact.
Fully adjustable rear suspension, high and low speed adjusters and no tools pre-load.
New rear linkage helps smooth out rough roads.
CAD designed wheels for best shape for strength and lightness.
Lighter wheels and a new great look.
New Bridgestone S22 tyres, specifically for this model.
Fine particle silica compound for improved grip including wet weather.
Front 120/70/17, rear 200/55/17.
Brembo Stylema monobloc front calipers on 320mm floating front discs.
Twin piston floating rear caliper on 240mm disc.
760mm wide handlebar, 4 positions over 21mm.
Lower, wider handlebars and adjustable footpegs for control and comfort.
All-new TFT dashboard with increased functionality.
An updated menu system for faster access to functions and features.
A scratch resistant bonded dashboard glass helps combat glare.
New robust and intuitive motorcycle switchgear.
Easily adjust wheel slip via paddle buttons whilst in TRACK mode.
Set two programmable switches for fast access to favourite settings.
Hydraulic brake and clutch levers for easy one-finger operation.
Restyled tank for better rider support.
Naked street bike priority with real world two-up riding comfort.
Further refinement on footpegs.
Now higher and further backwards, more aggressive stance.
Gear shifting can be easily reversed to 5 down, 1 up.
Shift and brake levers are fully adjustable.
On purpose designed bodywork to keep this bike a naked streetfighter.
Every panel and plate are calculated for optimum thickness and minimised.
A new cleaner LED headlight look, with plenty of air channeled to keep it cool.
LED Daytime Running Lights ensure you get seen with a signature look.
New design neat rear end, thanks to above mentioned new subframe.
Fuel tank is completely new and made of steel.
New design to support the rider on the street and the track.
New graphic application method to ensure they stay put and never fade.
New contrasting colour scheme with textures and tones.
Improved electronic rider aids.
Improvements to Quickshifter+ settings.
More refined and natural feedback for smoother anti-wheelie functions.
Ride Modes | Rain, Street, Sport, (optional) Track.
Track Mode : to customise wheel slip and throttle response.
Track Mode : 9 levels of wheel slip.
Track Mode : Motor Slip Control disabled completely.
Track Mode : anti wheelie can be disabled completely.
Optional Performance Mode | can make adjustments as above but keep functions for the street like cruise control and KTM MY RIDE.
Traction control or MTC | uses a wheel slip controller and pitch angle controller.
MTC also works on lean angle, when rear wheel is disproportionate to the riding situation.
Motor Slip Regulation or MSR | optional, works with the slipper clutch and throttle for super smooth deceleration.
Supermoto ABS | disengage ABS on the rear wheel for lock ups, same for allowing stoppies without interfering for the wheel lifting off, cornering ABS is disengaged too.
Cruise Control | 3rd gear upwards, 40km/h to 200km/h.
Auto Cancelling Turn Signals | after 10sec or 150m.
KTM Race On | transponder key, just keep it in your pocket for running and fuel cap.
KTM MY RIDE | bluetooth for audio and phone plus via the smartphone app your turn by turn directions.
A range of optional accessories are available for your next trip.


The 1290 Super Duke R 2020 will be in Australia around March 2020.
Pricing has not yet been released.


KTM 890 DUKE R 2020

Still agile, but with more punch, the KTM 890 DUKE R takes all the things we love about the KTM 790 DUKE and turns it up to 11. This is a no-compromise mid-weight naked bike, equally at home on mountain roads as it is on the race track, delivering more power, more torque and more dukeness than any parallel twin that has come before.

  • DISPLACEMENT | 890cm3
  • POWER | 89kW
  • TORQUE | 99Nm
  • DESIGN | Parallel Twin, 4 stroke
  • BORE, STROKE | 90.7mm x 68.8mm
  • STARTER | Electric
  • LUBE | Forced oil lubrication with 2 pumps
  • GEARS | 6 speed
  • COOLING | Liquid with water/oil heat exchanger
  • CLUTCH | PASC antihopping clutch, mechanically operated
  • MANAGEMENT | Bosch EMS with ride-by-wire
  • CO2 | 110g/km
  • FUEL | 4.74L/100km (not tested in Australia)
  • TANK | 14L
  • FRAME | Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame using the engine as stressed element, powder coated
  • SUSPENSION TRAVEL | 140mm front, 150mm rear
  • BRAKES FRONT | 2x Brembo Stylema Monobloc 4 piston, radial mount
  • BRAKES REAR | 1x Brembo 1 piston, floating caliper
  • DISC DIAMETER | 320mm front, 240mm rear
  • ABS | Two-channel Bosch incl cornering and supermoto and disengageable.
  • CHAIN | 520 X-Ring
  • STEERING | 65.7 degree head angle
  • CLEARANCE | 206mm
  • SEAT | 834mm
  • WEIGHT | 166kg dry

Developed from the same twin in the 790 Duke R.
Reworked into a fire breathing high performance midweight.
Increased bore and stroke.
Higher compression.
High maximum RPM limit.
121hp and 99Nm.
Horizontally split aluminium crankcases.
Re-engineered for the longer stroke over the 790.
Heavier crankshaft and flywheel for increased torque.
Dell’oroto fuel injectors developed specifically for KTM.
Measuring manifold pressure adjusting for optimum throttle inputs.
850 R specific cylinder head.
Larger 37mm intake, 30mm exhaust valves.
Camshafts feature increased lift and more aggressive profile.
New balancer shaft to match increased RPM and increased lift.
PASC clutch is feather light on the lever and allows hard cornering.
Ride by wire for optimum control and electronic sensors for best adjustments.
Two forged box pistons, bronze conrod bearings.
Piston weight is reduced by 10g compared to the 790 Duke despite the increased size.
Stainless steel exhaust with middle damper for central mass.
Exhaust bench tests for perfect combo or torque and emissions.
Load rearing design of the tubular chassis.
Powder coated orange frame to be very KTM.
Sub frame housing is cast aluminium and houses the airbox.
Die cast open lattice swingarm for optimised stiffness.
Excellent swingarm flex characteristics and steeper angle.
Fully adjustable suspension is sportier with improved high speed stability.
Adjustable WP APEX front fork with split function dampening, compression and rebound settings.
Matched triple clamp stiffness, with aluminium steering stem instead of steel.
Fully adjustable WP APEX rear shock with high and low speed compression settings.
A hydraulically adjusted preload for quick access and tuning on the fly.
Extremely lightweight alloy wheels with signature R as standard.
Michelin Powercup II hypersport tyres for track and street grip to the max.
Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers and light 320mm floating discs.
Brembo MCS master cylinder.
1.2kg of unsprung weight saving over the 790 Duke R’s brakes.
Flatter, lower and more forward handlebars vs the 790 Duke R.
4 adjustments for the bars, fine tuning the triple clamp.
A higher seat height for a more aggressive riding stance plus more lean angle.
Completely new footpegs, positioned higher and to the back.
Reverse race shifting possible without any additional parts.
A menacing profile and sharp lines.
Compact proportions, loud graphics, bright orange frame.
A 14 litre steel tank just like the 790 Duke R.
Contrasting orange on white sets this aside from the 790 and anything else in the midweight field.
LED headlight with incorporated Daytime Running Light to get seen.
TFT dashboard with colour display.
Anti wheelie and ABS modes are displayed on the 890 R.
4 Ride Modes | Sport, Street, Rain, Track.
Traction Control (MTC) with multiple levels and is lean angle sensitive.
Optional Quickshifter+
Optional Track Mode | Launch Control, Variable Slip Adjustment, Increased Throttle Response, Anti-Wheelie Disengagement.
Motor Slip Regulation to keep stable when under hard deceleration.
Supermoto ABS | no ABS on the rear, but stays on the front.
Optional Cruise Control | switchblock and programming required.


The 890 Duke R is in addition to the 790 Duke R, not a replacement.
It is expected in Australia around May 2020.
Pricing has not yet been released.



Satisfy your restless spirit with the new KTM 390 ADVENTURE. This compact single-cylinder travel-enduro machine has a sporty design attitude, with the comprehensive equipment and proven performance credentials of the KTM ADVENTURE range. Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power delivery and innovative technology all come together in a comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit more adventure into their daily lives.

  • DISPLACEMENT | 373.2cm3
  • ENGINE| Single cylinder, 4 stroke, injected
  • BORE, STROKE | 89mm x 60mm
  • STARTER | Electric
  • LUBE | Wet Sump
  • GEARS | 6 speed
  • COOLING | Liquid
  • CLUTCH | PASC anti-hopping, mechanically operated
  • MANAGEMENT | Bosch EMS with ride by wire
  • FRAME | Steel trellis, powder coated
  • SUSPENSION TRAVEL | 170mm front, 177mm rear
  • BRAKE SIZE | 320mm front, 230mm rear
  • BRAKE TYPE | 4 piston radial fixed front, single piston floating rear
  • ABS | Bosch 9M+ two channel, off-road mode, disengageable
  • CHAIN | 520 X-Ring
  • STEERING | 63.5 degree
  • CLEARANCE | 200mm
  • SEAT | 855mm
  • TANK | 14.5L
  • WEIGHT | 158kg dry

LAMS approved*
32kW (43hp) with punchy 37Nm torque.
Propelling the lightweight bike along perfectly.
Twin overhead camshafts.
Four valves and balancer shaft.
Slipper clutch.
89mm bore piston is DLC coated for durability.
Compression ratio of 12.6:1.
Oil spray nozzle to keep the crown cool.
Low friction, nicasil coated aluminum wet bushing with open deck design.
Fuel injection with 46mm throttle body.
Throttle valve is controlled by electronic sensors.
DOHC cylinder head with durable finger followers.
6 speed sequential gearbox with ratios for the power band delivered.
Lightweight exhaust with stainless steel header.
Agile and sporty handling for street and dirt road riding.
A low seat height considering this is a genuine adventure bike.
Similar frame to the race-proven 450 RALLY.
Removable steel trellis subframe, only 4 screws to remove.
Die-cast open lattice swingarm, a signature element of KTM adventure bikes.
Fully adjustable WP APEX suspension, front and rear.
43mm front upside down forks.
Compression front left, rebound front right.
Triple clamp with option extras to increase the height of the handlebar.
Adjustable spring and rebound rear.
BYBRE brakes with large 320mm front disc and 230mm rear.
400km approximate range from the 14.5L fuel tank.
TFT colour dashboard with clever menu system.
Two part seat that’s easily removable to get to the air box.
Wide robust footpegs with removable rubber inserts for offroad riding.
Windshield with high and low settings.
Minimal bodywork keeping a fresh appearance even when scratched.
KTM MY RIDE | bluetooth for phone and audio and turns via smartphone app.


The KTM 390 Adventure is expected to arrive in Australia around March 2020.
Pricing has not yet been released.

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