The Can-Am Ryker 600 has arrived. Learner approved.

The 2019 Can-Am Ryker 600, pictured here is our demonstrator.

A long time waiting, the Can-Am Ryker is now here in our store, with our first shipment arriving in the much anticipated LAMS approved, or learner approved, variant.

Although sharing the same concept as the Spyder, which has been on the market and sold here with us for 10 years (time flies!), the top question we hear from new customers is about a model to ride on a RE restricted license.

A compact, minimalist look.

BRP have delivered, with this model boasting a power to weight and engine capacity that fits within the regulations of the LAMS Motorcycle Scheme here in Queensland. Other States and Territories too have approval for this variant.

With 3 models in the line up (600, 900 and 900 Rally Edition), this variant is a 2 cylinder fuel injected model with a CVT gearbox against a shaft final drive. Yes there is a reverse gear, operated by a lever near your left foot. There’s also a parking brake.

A low seat and short feel, it’s a different machine to the Spyder.

The idea behind the Ryker is ‘twist and go’. Much like a scooter, where a minimalist approach is engineered to the look, but also the ride. This is for an engaging fun ride, for all ages, and particular aimed at the younger generation who want something affordable, funky, and suits their license classes.

A digital LCD back lit instrument provides the information required, a decent fuel tank range, a low seat height for that go-cart riding feel and easy mounting, and a massive range of customisation extras from cowling to bolt-on extras to personally make this yours. Or better still, change the appearance to have the feeling of a new model when it’s years old!

I could talk about all the features and benefits here, but we’ve already listed the specs against each model on this website. The next step is to make an appointment with the Sales Team here in our dedicated Can-Am On-Road showroom in Underwood, to learn about the Can-Am Ryker, and arrange your test ride.

The concept of Y still remains, pushing the G-forces over the front wheels for incredibly quick turning and stability.

We are expecting the 900 models to arrive this year, in the meantime, the 600 is here for show and tell.

In the meantime, enjoy these images taken of our demonstrator.

Can-Am Ryker 600. Our learner approved demonstrator is here.