AMP Pro Features

  • Industry Leading 10+ Person Bluetooth® Intercom Mode Ten or more users can connect with full duplex private intercom at a range of 700m (0.43mi)
  • Bluetooth® Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology As more riders are connected, the intercom range is extended indefinitely
  • Bluetooth® connect from phone to AMP control unit with ClearLink App Free mobile app that allows users to customize and update AMP settings anywhere, anytime
  • AMP Processor with Bluetooth® 4.2 10X more data at up to 2.5X faster speeds than previous Bluetooth® versions
  • Multi Point Bluetooth® Device Connectivity Units connect to multiple Bluetooth® devices, such as GPS systems and smartphones
  • Pulse Pro Speaker Microphone Array Hi-Fi studio sound that delivers a warm, natural voice, powerful bass, and clean highs
  • Hands Free Voice Activated Call Pick Up Utilize hands-free smartphone technology to answer calls with simple voice commands
  • Music Share Amp Pro models have a unique feature that allows you to broadcast music to multiple connected units
  • ABF® Technology Our patented Advanced Beamforming® technology allows the discreet dual-microphone to capture and extract specific sounds, virtually eliminating all background noise from wind or motorcycle engines
  • Cross Brand Compatibility Intercom connects to most Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet communication systems
  • Industry’s Most Portable System Transfers easily between motorcycle, ski or other helmets and uses with a wide range of accessories available

Uclear Amp Pro Dual Pack


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