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Black Rad Guard Radiator Guard

Each Rad Guard comes with its own easy to read fitting instructions. There’s NO cutting or alterations needed to fit the Rad Guard. The Rad Guard is bolted on. This means No Vibrations and No rubbing. These are not cable tied on. Expanded mesh is used to protect the radiator core along with a rigid frame. This frame will protect your radiator core from crushing on side impacts.

The Expanded Mesh on the Rad Guard sits off the radiator core by approximately 10-15mm so even if you have a direct hit from a stone, bird or any other road debris, the radiator core will not be touched or damaged in any way.


Suzuki DL1000 2014


Rad Guard Radiator Guard BlackSuzuki DL1000 2014

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This black power coated Rad Guard brand Radiator Guard comes with easy to read fitting instructions and requires no cutting or alterations to fit.

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