Enjoy those longer rides & relax your throttle hand with the Mechanical Throttle Assist.

This is the simplest & cleanest looking throttle position holder available.

Attached to the end of your handlebars, this beauty looks like a bar end weight.

Simply hold the throttle at desired location & roll your little finger back to hold your throttle in position. The spring loaded tensioner makes it easy to set without over tightening for easy throttle shut down when needed. Add the left side for a bar end weight matched pair & ride on in comfort.

Kuryakyn Mechanical Throttle Cruise Assist

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Improve your grip and ride longer with the Kuryakyn Mechanical Throttle Cruise Assist! Simply attach it to your motorcycle’s handlebars, hold it in position, and you’re ready to go. It also serves as a weight bar end, which may help reduce vibration on your handlebars.

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