William Kiefer, a chemical engineer, started his company, Bel-Ray, producing high temperature bakery lubricants for Nabisco. Seeing a need for high quality, high endurance lubricants, in the mining industry, Bel-Ray expanded its production in the late 1960’s to accommodate this need.

In the 1970’s the company moved into power sports, with the introduction of its performance-enhancing, wear-resistant oils and greases, which have become market leaders in the motorcycling world.

Bel-Ray has since created a line of non-toxic, food-grade lubricants, and has further expanded its range of biodegradable mining and industrial lubricants, specialising in eco-friendly marine products.

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  • Belray Super Clean Chain Lube (400ml)

    Belray Super Clean Chain Lube 400 ml

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