Since 1903, Husqvarna has been producing motorcycles in Sweden.  However the company started in 1689 making muskets, hence the logo depicting a gun sight viewed from the end of the barrel.

The early 1900’s saw Husqvarna start with bicycles, then on to motorcycles with engines from others, and later an entirely in-house production.  In 2013, KTM AG took full ownership, and a factory opened in Austria.

The Husaberg name was retired, and Husqvarna today is diverse, with supermoto, enduro, motocross and a new range of street bikes.  Husqvarna like KTM have the privilege of continuing engineering the two-stroke using TPI.

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  • Husqvarna Water Pump Gasket

    Husqvarna Water Pump Cover Gasket

    $5.90 inc GST More Details
  • On Sale Husqvarna Front Fender

    Husqvarna Front Fender – TC85 2014-2015 White

    $30.00 inc GST More Details
  • On Sale Husqvarna Case Guard

    Husqvarna Case Guard Husqvarna TE 250/300 2014

    $60.00 inc GST More Details
  • On Sale Husqvarna Skid Plate Kit

    Husqvarna Aluminium Skid Plate Kit Husqvarna FC/FX/FE 250/350 2017-2018

    $120.00 inc GST More Details
  • Husqvarana Main Bearing

    Husqvarna Main Bearing 30x72x19

    $187.65 inc GST More Details
  • On Sale Husqvarna FC450 2018

    Husqvarna FC450 2018

    $5,990.00 inc GST More Details
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