Every Kabuto helmet embodies the two values that define the OGK Kabuto brand: safety and style.

Since their founding in 1982, OGK Kabuto has been making motorcycle helmets that protect the lives of the motorcyclists wearing them while reinforcing their unique rider identity. The brand’s origins can be traced back to 1948, when OGK (Osaka Grip MFG. Co., Ltd.) started making bicycle accessories made of rubber and plastic materials. 26 years later, OGK transitioned to manufacturing and selling bicycle and motorcycle helmets under a separate entity. Eight years later, OGK established the OGK Sales Co. Ltd company that focused on manufacturing full-face helmets.

The traditional Japanese warriors who lived during the 5th century—long before the Age of the Samurai—serve as the inspiration for Kabuto helmets. To express the strength, skill, and quality of these esteemed ancient warriors, each Kabuto helmet is made from the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. All Kabuto helmets, whether for beginner-level or professional motorcyclists, or designed for kids or adults, honour these fearless warriors with their superior Japanese craftsmanship, style, and safety features.

38 years later, OGK Kabuto continues to produce their helmets in Japan only, highlighting their Japanese heritage and commitment to manufacturing high-quality helmets that are perfectly capable of protecting any rider’s life.

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  • Super Special Black/Silver/White Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Hurricane Helmet

    Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Helmet Hurricane Black/Silver/White

    $499.95From$299.95 More Details
  • On Sale Matt Black White Kabuto Hikari JM Helmet Side

    Kabuto Hikari JM Helmet Matt Black/White

    $399.95From$319.95 More Details
  • Super Special Dark Matt Black / Red Kabuto RT33 Helmet LHS

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Dark Matt Black/Red

    $599.95From$330.00 More Details
  • Stinger Matt Black Black/Red Kabuto Kamui Helmet

    Kabuto Kamui Helmet Stinger Matt Black Black/Red

    From$349.95 More Details
  • Matt Black Kabuto Hikari Helmet Side

    Kabuto Hikari Helmet Matt Black

    From$379.95 More Details
  • Super Special Black/Red Kabuto RT-33 Wind Helmet Left

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Matt Black/Red

    $599.95From$405.00 More Details
  • Matt Black Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Helmet

    Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Helmet Matt Black

    From$449.95 More Details
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  • Matt Black Kabuto RT33 Helmet

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Matt Black

    From$549.95 More Details
  • SP1 Black/White Kabuto RT33 Helmet

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet SP1 Black/White

    From$599.95 More Details
  • SP1 Black/Fluro Yellow Kabuto RT33 Helmet

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet SP1 Black/Fluro Yellow

    From$599.95 More Details
  • Veloce Red/Blue Kabuto RT33 Helmet

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Veloce Red/Blue

    From$599.95 More Details
  • Kabuto RT33 Signal

    Kabuto RT-33 Helmet Signal Fluro Orange Blue

    From$599.95 More Details
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