Dainese Wave 13 Air Back Protector

The highest levels of protection, light weight, ergonomics, and ventilation distinguish this racing back protector developed with suggestions from competitive motorcycle racing’s greatest champions. Ergonomics and riding comfort are guaranteed thanks to jointed pads. The WAVE Air Back Protector designation (1S, 11, 12, or 13) varies according to the height measured in centimetres from waist to shoulders in order to afford sufficient back protection, while the size of each WAVE Air Back Protector model itself varies according to the wearer’s waist


  • A composite, multi-layer structure with excellent shock-absorbency properties
  • Optimum air circulation along the back and for first-rate ventilation
  • External polypropylene shield with a corrugated structure
  • 6 plates that overlap slightly in order to follow articulation
  • Internal aluminium honeycomb frame
  • Perforated external shell for breathability
  • Transversal waist joint
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Rigid external corrugated plates for better impact energy distribution
  • Lightweight core made of aluminum honeycomb and Astrosorb.


  • The three sizes cover a range of heights for optimum back protection
  • Medium or Large and 3 different lengths – Wave 11 (162-172cm), Wave 12 (172-185cm), Wave 13 (185cm+).

Dainese Wave 13 Air Back ProtectorBlack


The Dainese Wave 13 Air Back Protector has the highest levels of protection for sports racing. This lightweight protector can take a hit with good impact distribution. It has great ergonomics and ventilation which ensure excellent riding comfort.

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