KTM Bionic Tech 2 Neck Brace


  • High-performance, lightweight neck brace
  • Complete new design and technical evolution including new lightweight rear section, chest padding and updated chin-plate design
  • Structural integrity and frame strength against heavy impact energies during a crash
  • Compressed EVA foam padding to distribute the impact force over the widest area
  • Lycra®-laminated foam padding kits are adaptable and interchangeable EVA foam pads allow compatibility with body protection systems
  • The lightweight strap system can be worn over or under the jersey
  • Innovative quick-release locking system for rapid and efficient fitting/removal offers secure and convenient closure

KTM Bionic Tech 2 Neck BraceBlack/Orange


Whether you’re an amateur or professional rider, the KTM Bionic Tech 2 Neck Brace will enhance your safety. Its structural integrity and frame strength will protect you from the effects of heavy impact during a crash. Plus, its compressed EVA foam padding distributes impact force for good measure.

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