Ducati Speed Evo C1 WP Sport-Touring Boots

The Ducati Speed Evo C1 WP boots produced by Alpinestars and CE certified according to the latest European standards were designed to offer a high level of protection and comfort in sports riding. The microfiber upper with high abrasion resistance is tested to last over time and has two large pleats offering flexibility, while the forefoot is ergonomic to facilitate pedal control. The boots, equipped with shin pads, ankle supports and interchangeable TPU sliders, have a waterproof and breathable membrane that makes them comfortable even in adverse weather conditions.


  • Midsole:     Removable E.V.A. and Lycra insole
  • Outsole:     High density rubber outsole providing stability, grip, and abrasion resistance
  • Upper:        Microfibre with padded front and back bellows Padded rear flex area for a better comfort Ergonomic forefoot for better  control on the pedals
  • Lining:        Waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Closure:     The outside exterior is equipped with an elastic zip with wide Velcro area

Ducati Speed Evo C1 WP Sport-Touring BootsBlack/Red


These riding boots are built for speed. The Ducati Speed Evo C1 WP Sport-Touring Boots have been designed for sports riders who want to go fast but also want a high level of protection and comfort. The ergonomic forefoot design allows better control on the pedals.

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