Arm yourself with the most secure lens retention system in motocross. Replacement Lexan lens are suitable for all 100% Racecraft, Accuri and Strata goggles.
 Anti-fog treatment.
 All lenses complete with tear-off posts.

Each tint has specific benefits depending on lighting conditions:
 Clear: All purpose lens provides maximum amount of light allowance for all conditions.
 Blue: Increased contrast for varying conditions. Ideal for medium to low light.
 Yellow: Perfect for low light conditions. This lens improves the contrast and definition of any obstacle you encounter.
 Smoke: Neutral tint reduces glare while providing accurate color perception in medium to bright light conditions.
 Persimmon: Ideal for overcast conditions. Depth perception is improved with increased contrast.
 Orange: Increased depth perception and contrast. Great for overcast conditions.
 Dark Smoke: Dark tint reduces glare while providing accurate color perception in bright light conditions.
 Mirror: Mirrored finish offers the maximum reduction of glare in bright light conditions for improved performance and visibility.

100% Racecraft / Accuri / Strata Replacement LensClear

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The 100% Racecraft / Accuri / Strata Replacement Lens provides an anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision. This is 100% the most secure motocross lens retention system available. Choose your tint depending on your lighting conditions.


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