Skull & Crossbones ZANheadgear Motley Tube

Comfortable to wear in any climate, both warm and cool weather, as it’s made from breathable, moisture wicking polyester.

The Motley Tube is extremely versatile. It can be worn in 6 different ways, as a:

  1. Beanie
  2. Ear warmer
  3. Desert scarf
  4. Face mask
  5. Neck warmer
  6. Balaclava


  • One size fits all (most adults)
  • Great breathability
  • Wind-resistant
  • Wicks away moisture – moisture is pulled to the exterior of the fabric allowing for faster evaporation
  • Lightweight
  • Black and white design
  • Machine wash safe
  • Super fast drying
  • 100% polyester

ZANheadgear Motley TubeSkull & Crossbones

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The ZANheadgear Motley Tube in Skull & Crossbones won’t disappoint. It is also quite versatile for a scarf as you can wear it in 6 different ways: beanie, face mask, ear warmer, desert scarf, neck scarf, and balaclava.


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