Spacer Yellow Gloss Airoh Switch Helmet

For those of us who do not ride our motorcycles for a living, a day on the track is often the closest thing to experiencing the rush of competition, even if it is just with your friends. When you do get the chance to spend the day track bound, you’ll want to make sure that you can rely on your gear. You need reliability in every piece of gear you own, and nowhere is this more apparent than with your helmet.

Modern Functionality

When it comes to the Airoh Switch you can rest assured that it not only meets all of the required safety standards, but it also takes advantage of advanced fabric technology, giving you the maximum breathability for day long comfort. As well as all the modern conveniences, there are also the classic staples for motocross helmets, like adjustable peak, multiple ventilation points, and of course a double D-ring retention system.

Day Long Style

The classic profile of the thermoplastic HRT shell is one that will sit comfortably with any aesthetic. The Airoh Switch is also available in a massive selection of colours and graphic styles so you can rest assured you will be looking and feeling good when you set your new lap record.

Airoh Switch HelmetSpacer Yellow Gloss


With its bold colours and smart design, the Airoh Switch Helmet in Spacer Yellow Gloss is sure to make you stand out in any MX competition! Even better, it is equipped with an advanced breathable fabric material to keep you cool and comfortable for hours, even the whole day!

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