Black/Silver RXT Rallye Helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet that offers really great value for money, the RXT Rallye might just be the perfect option for you. One of the biggest perks of this helmet is the fact that it boasts a universal design, which means that it can be used as a road, trail or Enduro helmet, making it the perfect choice for a rider needing flexibility.

From Coast to Highway

Australia is as diverse in adventure as it is in flora and fauna, so it’s no surprise that the RXT Rallye needs to be as diverse as the country in which the brand has really flourished. One week, you could be stopping at the servo on the highway and the next you could be exploring a secluded bay.

In order to offer this level of flexibility, the helmet boasts the option to remove the clear visor, the peak or both, making it a simple task to move from on to off-road.

Fit for Adventure

The RXT Rallye also offers an outstanding fit, making it an ideal companion for any type of adventure. The helmet has ABS construction and has been manufactured to AS/NZS 1698 standards.

For a flexible helmet for every type of adventure, you can’t go wrong with the RXT Rallye.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Superb fit
  • Optional Tint visors available

*ALL helmets come with a clear visor only

RXT Rallye HelmetBlack/Silver


The RXT Rallye Helmet in Black/Silver may be known for its versatility, but an equally important feature it offers is its comfortable fit. Aside from its removable visor and peak that allows you to convert it to a road, trail or Enduro lid, your comfort throughout your journey is guaranteed!

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