The strength and functionality which enables a riding in a cross-country, and the stylishness and comfort which are necessary for a riding on road lightly are united, HORNET ADV which realizes “the sporty riding in every road” is born.

Pursued improvement in every element without reaching a compromise, such as newly developed V-460 visor suitable for a riding in a cross-country, aerodynamic performance and ventilation performance which are necessary to ride on-road, and usability.

This is the multiple-purpose helmet for sport riding, HORNET ADV.

Newly Designed V-460 Visor with Aerodynamic Performance and Functionality

Based on data from repeated wind tunnel experiments, V-460 visor exclusively for HORNET ADV is completed as a result of pursuing aerodynamic performance and functionality. Maintaining traditional functions of visor such as sun shading and a splash-guard, an innovated wedge shape with vent louvers passes an air rearward and restrains an air resistance without reducing sun shading performance, and furthermore, leads an air to air intake efficiently. It realizes high aerodynamic performance in a visor and minimizes a load on a rider. Not only performance but also functionality is pursued. Newly introduced quick release screw in both sides of a visor can be removed by rotating 90 degrees. A visor which can be removed easily without special tools enables smooth fixing or removing of a shield.

Innovated Shield System – for Smooth Fixing or Removing and Comfortable Riding

CNS-2 shield newly developed exclusively for HORNET ADV and injection molded using tough polycarbonate secures high rigidity. CNS-1 shield base is adopted abolishing traditionally used screws. Not only it enables easy fixing and removing of a shield by one touch but also its spring mechanism realizes close contact of a shield and a window beading to improve airtightness. A rib in the upper part of a shield improves rigidity of a shield and restrains twisting of a shield while it is opened or closed. Moreover, repeated studies of curvature of a shield realized clear vision without distortion.

Comfortable Riding Secured by Ventilation System

Pursuit of an aerodynamic performance which influences a rider directly through repeated wind tunnel experiments and riding tests realized an aerodynamic shape of HORNET ADV. Not only a shape of a spoiler in a rear head area but also a wedge shaped V-460 visor improved aerodynamic performance of both shell and visor and secures a high stability even in a high speed riding and minimizes rider’s fatigue. Moreover, for a dual sport full face model which essentially equips many parts such as a visor and a shield, a balance while riding is also important because it is directly related to a rider’s burden. HORNET ADV is designed for an aerodynamic characteristic and fitting to enhance a light feeling in riding to the utmost level.

Firm Hold and Comfortable Fit in Various Scenes

The best fitting of a helmet is one of essential factors to realize a comfortable riding. HORNETADV introduces 3D interiors and gives comfortable fit and proper hold without adding thickness or tightness unnecessarily.

Emergency Quick Release System

In an accident it is difficult for a third party to remove a helmet from a rider. Although impact-absorbing performance and comfort are essential for a helmet, it is also one of important functions of a helmet to support a relief work in such an emergency. E.Q.R.S. ,Emergency Quick Release System, developed by SHOEI makes removing of a helmet easy minimizing a load on a rider’s neck by simply pulling ribbon.

*When removing cheek pads for a usual maintenance, do not use E.Q.R.S. tabs.

Shoei Hornet Adventure Sovereign HelmetTC-1 Black/Red

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The Shoei Hornet Adventure Sovereign Helmet TC-1 Black/Red offers excellent aerodynamic, comfort and safety features so you can rule any off road track.



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  • Organic fibre, Multi-fibre and high performance organic fibre in layers for optimum shock absorbing rigidity
  • Multi-density polystyrene padding giving optimised protection through the use of materials of different absorption levels
  • Removeable and washable cheek pads, inner liner & chin strap cover for better care
  • 4 different outer shell constructions for perfect fit and compact dimensions
  • Inlet vents on the top of the helmet, the forehead and chin with six outlets at the back to extract exhaled air for optimum ventilation
  • Ear pads for noise reduction, Intercom system ready & optional spolier for optimised aerodynamic performance
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