Black AGV X3000 Helmet

Inspired by the Italian Grand Prix legend Giacomo Agostini, the AGV X3000 is the world’s first full-face motorcycle helmet made for professional sport racers looking for that perfect balance of safety and performance, in a classic, retro style.

Legendary safety

ACF (Advanced Composite Fibre) make up the outer shell of this SHARP-tested, DOT (US) and ECE (EU) certified helmet, making it one of the safest motorcycle helmets in the world today. The EPS structure and double D retention system offers additional protection and security from impacts, while its anti-scratch visor with a micro-opening system provides better visual clarity.

Remarkable efficiency and ventilation

This collector’s edition – a must for every Ago and Grand Prix fan – also boasts of efficiency and innovative ventilation. A dual button visor is easily opened by your left hand alone, while air vents found at the top of the visor and hollowed in the fiberglass shell effectively direct air inside the helmet, giving you greater breathability and comfort throughout your ride while keeping that classic shape intact..

Premium comfort and style

As you’d expect from a limited edition AGV helmet, only the best materials were used to make every AGV X3000, inside and out. Your utmost comfort is guaranteed thanks to its interiors made out of the highest quality, genuine leather and suede fabrics, including a beautifully embroidered logo. All interiors (neck roll excluded) are easily removable and washable.

Style-wise, you can’t go wrong with its classic, retro shape and contoured chin piece Ago popularized. Every X3000 helmet carries Agostini’s signature, immortalizing the Italian racer and his unrivaled achievements in the race track.


  • Shell in Fiberglass engineered in 3 sizes, EPS structure developed in 3 sizes
  • Visor on-off air vent with channels hollowed in the shell
  • Premium interiors with Genuine leather, Suede fabric and Embroidered logo
  • Fully removable and washable interiors (neck roll excluded)
  • Anti-scratch visor with micro-opening system
  • Double D retention system

*ALL helmets come with a clear visor only

AGV X3000 HelmetBlack


Unlock the secret of renowned racing champion Agostini with the AGV X3000 Helmet in Black. Experience the same legendary performance with its classic shape and contoured chin piece while providing the benefits of modern-day safety and comfort with a fibreglass exterior and premium interiors.

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