Yajiri Red Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Helmet

If you have the need for speed coursing through your veins, the last thing you’ll want to have to worry about is whether your helmet is comfortable and that’s where the Kabuto Aeroblade 5 comes in.

Engineered for speed

The Kabuto Aeroblade 5 is a helmet engineered to be so light, you’ll barely notice it’s there, particularly when you’re accelerating or decelerating. If you love nothing more than opening up the accelerator on a long, open road, the Aeroblade 5 will make sure your vision remains stable and set on the sunrise before you.

The Pinlock Original Insert lens ensures that your vision isn’t clouded by fog and the chin curtain keeps your chin nice and cosy, protected from the wind. The helmet even comes with the option for the wearer to wear glasses.

Keeping you safe

Of course, comfort shouldn’t be your only consideration when you’re on the road. The Kabuto Aeroblade 5 has been designed with advanced composite technology, including Hyper Class Fibre and a dual intensity impact liner, which has been designed to absorb impact.

With the Kabuto Aeroblade 5, protection and comfort go hand-in-hand and it calls to those who want to live life in the fast lane.


Light Weight

  1. Less G on the head at deceleration and acceleration, and more stable vision.
  2. Less load on riders’ neck and shoulders, easing stress such as shoulder ache.
  3. Easier to turn around and up and down making it easy to look around.

Advanced Composite Technology (A.C.T-EVO/R)

  • Established A.C.T structure has more evolved to “A.C.T -EVO/R” structure

Hyper Class Fibre

  • High – Strength organic synthesis fibre
  • High – Strength/ high – modulus organic synthesis fibre
  • High – Tensile organic synthesis fibre hyper glass fibre

FEM – Finite Element Method

The finite element method (FEM) is one of the numerical methods for analysing and solving problems. It subdivides a large problem into smaller, simpler parts that are called finite elements. Relatively simple equations that model these finite elements are than to be approximated by some “common-denominator” function. This method was originally developed to solve problems in the fields of structural mechanical engineering and is now being widely used in many different fields of engineering and mathematical physics.

Dual Density Impact Absorption Liner

Dual Density Impact Liner absorbs impacts most effectively.

By optimising density of each particular part of the absorption liner, it gives adequate strength of impact absorption where it is needed.

SAP-W Pinlock Original Insert Lens

Pinlock Original Insert lens prevents fogging (not included)

Wind Shutter No.2 (Chin Curtain)

Reduce air blowing in from chin area. detachable depending on a season and purpose.

Detachable & Washable Interior Pads

COOLMAX material is used for the all area where your skin touches, interior pads are fully detachable and washable.

Made for Glasses

Cheek pads with slits of glass temples for putting on/off eye wears.

*ALL helmets come with a clear visor only

Kabuto Aeroblade 5 HelmetYajiri Red


Riders with a passion for speed and performance will definitely find the Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Helmet in Yajiri Red appealing. It features a lightweight fibreglass shell and efficient ventilation, while its anti-fog lens and eye glass-friendly design promotes your optimal vision.

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