Gloss Black RXT Sprint Helmet

For some people their motorbike helmet is just a piece of gear that they are required to have, and they only worry about its affordability. While for some others, their helmet is an extension of their bike and as such they need it to have all the latest features and look great while it’s on. The RXT Sprint is the perfect helmet for both extremes, as it features the latest technology and design, but in an affordable package.

The Call of the Open Road

When you are out enjoying the open road the last thing you want is to be worried about your helmet, and whether it is up to the task of protecting you should the worst happen. You also need it to be comfortable enough that you almost don’t notice it is there. The RXT Sprint features Ultra-Flow ventilation which ensures you can feel the fresh air as and when you want it, but also reduces the occurrence of fogging

As well as this, the RXT Sprint also includes all of the expected features for a modern motorcycle helmet such as Double D rings, ABS construction and a hard-coated scratch resistant 3D visor.

If you intend to spend your days with your head tucked firmly in a helmet, you may as well make it one that is affordable, comfortable and top of the line.


  • Universal Road design, Excellent Value, Superb Fit.
  • ABS Construction
  • UltraFlow Ventilation System
  • Double D Rings
  • Anti-Flap Strap Clip
  • AS / NZS 1698 Standards Approved
  • Hard Coated Scratch Resistant Quick
  • Release 3D Visor
  • 3D Washable / Removable Internal Lining with Padded Strap Covers
  • ‘Anti Flap’ Strap Holder
  • Ultra Modern Aerodynamic Shell Design
  • AS/NZS 1698 Standard

*ALL helmets come with a clear visor only

RXT Sprint HelmetGloss Black


Looking for exceptional comfort and safety features in one stylish helmet? The RXT Sprint Helmet in Gloss Black is for you! Its UltraFlow ventilation system ensures proper air circulation, while Its scratch resistant visor provides you with clear vision throughout your journey.

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