Carbon Skin Red Shark Spartan Helmet

The next time you find yourself packing for that next big adventure, whether it’s down the Gold Coast or through Phillip’s Island, you’ll want to start out by ensuring you’re prepared for whatever this wild country has to throw at you. The Shark Spartan helmet can help you to do just that.

Reputation for Rugged

The Shark Spartan helmet doesn’t have a reputation for being rugged for nothing. This helmet puts style and safety first, offering you the perks that come with a dual spoiler system (to improve cooling) and noise reduction technology, so that you can really experience your surroundings in a way that might not have been possible before. What is more, the Autoseal system makes sure that you’re prepared no matter what the weather’s like.

Perfect by Design

Every aspect of the Shark Spartan helmet has been designed with acronymic properties in mind, from the overall shape and design of the shell to the Pinlock Max-Vision visor, which ensures that you can breathe easy knowing you’ll never miss a breath-taking view.

Every adventurer knows that you need a solid companion for the trip and when it comes to being prepared, the Shark Spartan helmet will ensure you never miss a step.


  • “SHARK SKIN” cover: Active reduction of whistling noise
  • Double spoiler with incorporated air extractors
  • Optimisation of the aerodynamic trail and internal cooling
  • Pinlock MaxVision visor a standard feature

Shark Spartan HelmetCarbon Skin Red


The Shark Spartan Helmet in Carbon Skin Red continues the the Shark Helmet tradition of rugged looks and excellent safety features with its dual spoiler system that effectively minimises whistling noise and an Autoseal system to for enhanced soundproofing and maximum weather protection.

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