Matt Black/Anthracite Shark Spartan Karken Helmet

For every road trip on your motorcycle, you’ll want to make sure that you have a helmet that you can trust, regardless of the conditions. The Shark Spartan Karken is that helmet.

Made with adventure in mind

The Shark Spartan Karken helmet has been designed with adventure (and the adventurer) in mind. From the dual spoiler system, which reduces noise and an Autoseal system for weather protection, this will be your guide through harsh, unforgiving terrain. If you’re looking forward to taking in the sights and sounds of nature, the Shark Spartan Karken helmet has you covered, allowing you the chance to focus on what’s important – the road ahead.

A smoother ride

Not only is the Shark Spartan Karken helmet designed for noise reduction, but it also comes with Pinlock MaxVision technology so that you can enjoy that desert sunset once you reach your destination. The aerodynamic trail will ensure that when you’re on a time limit, nothing will stand in your way.

It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, the Shark Spartan Karken helmet will be by your side, protecting you and ensuring that your comfort is prioritized, every step of the way.

A classy and elegant motorcycle helmet

Like the Race-R PRO, this model was developed using CFD (in simulating computational fluids). Its design has been entirely dictated by the desired functionalities: each line of the helmet is assigned a precise function, and its location on the shell is determined to guarantee optimal aerodynamics.


  • “SHARK SKIN” cover: Active reduction of whistling noise
  • Double spoiler with incorporated air extractors
  • Optimization of the aerodynamic trail and internal cooling
  • Pinlock MaxVision visor a standard feature

ALL helmets come with a clear visor only

Shark Spartan Karken HelmetMatt Black/Anthracite


The Shark Spartan Karken Helmet in Matt Black/Anthracite reflects the Shark Helmet aesthetic of rugged style with comfort and safety features such as a dual spoiler system with air extractors that reduces whistling noise and keeps you cool, and a Pinlock MaxVision visor for fog-free views.

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