Silver Nolan N100-5 Classic Helmet

The long awaited successor of the Nolan N104 is finally here. No, it’s not called the N105, it really is called the N100-5. The funny name aside, this helmet puts Nolan back on top in the mid-range modular helmet segment. The outer shell is constructed from Lexan which has a superior performance level compared to regular thermoplastics. The outer shell is also much more compact than before, ensuring better aerodynamics and lower weight.

The N100-5 is equipped with an internal sunvisor with 4 different positions. The new, larger chin curtain keeps out wind and noise for improved comfort and to even further improve noise levels, the neck roll is adjustable for a perfect seal.The chin bar hugs the outer shell very snugly when flipped up, for less drag and wind resistance. Like its predecessor, the N100-5 is P/J ECE 22.05 approved, which means it’s road legal with the chin piece in both open and closed position. A nice feature is that the inner EPS liner is fixed to the outer shell. This improves safety and also eliminates the creaking sound you normally get while putting on a modular helmet. Like most other Nolan helmets, the N100-5 will take an N-com system like the B1.4, B5(L) and the B6(L) almost seamlessy.


  • Shell: Lexan shell
  • Visor: Pinlock visor included, internal sunvisor
  • Ventilation: 2 large intake vents, 2 exhaust vents
  • Extra Information: Adjustable neck roll
  • Retention system: Microlock buckle

Nolan N100-5 Classic HelmetSilver


The Nolan N100-5 Classic Helmet is an upgrade on the Nolan N104, and is a pretty fierce mid-range modular helmet. The outer shell is more compact, making it lighter and with better aerodynamics. It features a multi-position internal sunvisor, and a larger chin curtain and adjustable neck roll for improved comfort and noise.

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