Solid Matt Black Airoh Riot Helmet

If standing out is your “thing” then the Airoh Riot might just have been designed with you in mind. This helmet brings together the two elements of café racer and vintage style, creating something truly unique.

Design of the Shell

The helmet’s shell is manufactured from PRE-PREG fibre technology, which ensures that the helmet is as light as possible without compromising too much on safety. A light helmet is one that is easy to carry, limiting fatigue and making for a much more comfortable ride. At the end of the day, the inner lining can be completely removed and washed, ready for the next adventure.

Additional Features

Comfort is not the only added extra with the Airoh Riot – it also comes with a retractable, 50% tinted visor, which is easier on the eyes and face. This added protection is great for longer journeys in more challenging climates. For those who want to enjoy all of the additional extras offered along with the Riot, a long face shield can all be purchased separately. Lastly, the micrometric retention system just adds to your safety, allowing it to fit more comfortable, and sturdier, on your head.

When it comes to protecting (and turning) heads, Airoh has something uniquely special to offer in the Riot.

*ALL helmets come with a clear visor only

Airoh Riot HelmetSolid Matt Black


The Airoh Riot Helmet in Solid Matt Black is a vintage jet helmet made for riders seeking a high level of comfort and style. Its lightweight construction not only makes it easier for you to carry, but also makes it more comfortable for you to wear by minimising your neck and shoulder fatigue.

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