Black Ducati Downtown C1 Leather Jacket

Knowing what type of motorcycle gear you need means first deciding what type of rider you are. For those who spend most of them time zipping through city streets, the Ducati Downtown C1 leather jacket might just be the perfect riding companion for a number of reasons.

High Pressure Riding

Safety is an extremely important consideration for anyone who enjoys spending their time navigating tricky city roads. The Ducati Downtown C1 accommodates for this by offering its riders both elbow and shoulder protectors, as well as pockets for inserting back protectors. The CE certification offers riders extra peace of mind, knowing that they are in good hands with this brand.

Minimalist Design

If you’re not really into complicated designs, you’ll enjoy the simple, modern look and feel of the Ducati Downtown C1 leather jacket, which was designed by Drudi Performance. The jacket is manufactured from soft full grain buffalo leather, making it both comfortable and sturdy, without limiting your flexibility within the jacket.

The jacket comes with a trouser zip, allowing you to slip into your gear quickly, before heading out into the urban jungle.

You can find adventure around every corner, even in the city, and when it calls, the Ducati Downtown C1 leather jacket will ensure you’re prepared for the journey


The Downtown C1 leather jacket, made of soft full grain buffalo leather, has volume and ergonomics developed specifically for urban riding. The modern and minimalist design of the garment, created by Drudi Performance, coexists with important safety features like shoulder and elbow protectors, connection to the trousers with a double strap, a pocket for the insertion of a back protector (to be ordered separately), and CE certification according to the latest European standards. Produced by Alpinestars exclusively for Ducati, it is available only in perforated and men’s version.

Ducati Downtown C1 Leather JacketBlack


The Ducati Downtown C1 Leather Jacket is simplicity and style, made from a soft buffalo leather. This jacket is designed for city riding and comes with key safety features of shoulder and elbow protection.

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