GoDRY Protection

GoDRY has been specifically developed to work on all types of natural and synthetic fabrics including suede and nubuck. Our ground-breaking formula harnesses the power of nanotechnology to create an extremely tough and breathable stain repellent coating that causes liquids to bead up and roll off leaving your footwear stain-free.

By coating individual fibres at a nanoscopic level and not creating a blanket layer, your footwear remains fully breathable allowing air and water vapour to circulate freely. Our innovative formula is so durable that if maintained properly, one treatment can be enough to protect your footwear for the wearable life of the shoe.

Put simply, if you have ever worried about getting caught out in the rain whilst wearing your favourite suede shoes, GoDRY is peace of mind in a bottle. Fully breathable, allowing air and water vapour to circulate freely, keeping your footwear feeling fresh Versatile. GoDRY wrill work on any natural or synthetic fibres including Suede, Nubuck, Canvass, Cotton, Velvet, Silk and many more.

Ultra-long lasting, meaning that in many cases it need only be applied once. Invisible to the human eye, leaving no visible coating on the treated surface. Fully breathable, allowing air and water vapour to circulate freely, keeping your footwear and clothing feeling fresh. Antibacterial and easy to clean meaning that in most cases spills and soiling agents can just be washed off with clean water.

Odourless and can be applied indoors, so no more smelly aerosol sprays required. GoDRY surfaces become more resistant to damage from abrasion, and general wear and tear. By using a spray bottle instead of harmful aerosols and solvents GoDRY will protect your footwear as well as the environment. UV resistant, helping to keep coloured fabrics looking vibrant for longer.

GoDRY Protection


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