Ducati May 2019 Runout Offers

Now is the time to purchase a brand new or demonstrator Ducati motorcycle, with these special offers on showroom stock only.

When do these offers end?
30 May 2019 or when stock is sold out.

Can I trade my motorcycle?
Yes, we trade all makes and models.

Can I finance a new Ducati?
We invite applications including pre-approval. We have reputable lenders who you’ll recognise and a dedicated person on our team here full time to only work with your application and nothing outside of the dealership.

The prices are sharp.  How’s is this possible?
For this month on selected models, Ducati Australia are supporting the final stock runout. We take the rebate paid to us off the price plus our own discount, all up front. That way you know the price now and it’s not a case of waiting for a cashback cheque in the mail for instance. This offer isn’t forever hence the expiry date for the offer.

What if the offers end and the bikes are still in your showroom?
This will result in a price increase as the assistance from Ducati Australia would have ceased. Better to buy sooner to not risk this happening. Works for us too as it’s not nice to increase pricing at times.

Are there multiples of the bikes on offer?
At this stage of writing, no. If something is sold we will check with Ducati’s warehouse for remaining stock, however the prices are fantastic and activity has increased through advertising so we expect good sales results for lucky buyers.

So you’re an authorised Ducati dealer?
Yes, we have a globally compliant showroom and in fact had the first one in Brisbane. This is the standard set by Ducati in Italy, in other words, the factory.

Are there other inclusions with these deals?
This time around the price is the focus, with sharp ride away offers there are no free inclusions. You do get a full tank of fuel and our expertise, and of course a chance to know the business including our massive range of accessories and apparel, as well as meeting the Service Team who are one hundred percent geared up for all Ducati Servicing including Desmo Services and the rare chance of needing to undertake repairs under warranty.

What are the offers?
These are below as well as on our website here under new Ducati stock. Please check if the motorcycle is sold out before committing as there can be a delay in them being unpublished from the website versus real life purchases.

What’s the next step?
To organise one of the above to be yours, we have streamlined the process, see below.

Contact our Ducati Sales Specialists
Ph +61732087999 during trading hours. Hours are listed here.
Fill in this form and the team will contact you.

Visit our Ducati Showroom
We’re in Underwood, Logan City, Brisbane, Queensland.
You can find our dealership on Google here.

Trade In Information
If you have a trade, call ahead and book in for an appraisal.
We will want to know:
> Documented Service History
> Spare Keys are included
> Owner’s Manual is included
> How many owners if known
> What extras are fitted
> What modifications have been done, like tuning for instance
> If there is finance owing against the motorcycle (a PPSR check will verify)
> If the motorcycle is a repaired write-off
> If the motorcycle was stolen then recovered
> If the motorcycle is yours or you want to trade it for a mate/family member

Organise your Finance Pre-Approval
Contact our Finance & Insurance Manager, Stephen Lampitt.
Fill in the contact form and he will be in touch, or call ahead an make an appointment. Steve sells new Ducati’s too, so if you prefer to work with one person overall, he could be just the person you’d like to meet.