Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week

Ride Your Motorcycle to Work this week, and the rest of the year too if you like!

From today, Monday 22 October 2018, everyone is encouraged to ride your motorcycle to work!  Why?  Just because!  Sometimes we need a push to get on that brilliant machine we own and love, and struggle to find time to get on it and do what we enjoy the most.  And being in Brisbane, what better time that Spring weather (now the storm has passed!) to grab the keys and helmet (oh and full safety gear of course!) and ride your motorcycle to work.

It’ll love you back for it getting a run!  Make workmates jealous and start a chat about motorcycling, maybe they don’t even know you ride!  Or maybe you already ride in, and you’ll get to see some fantastic rides on the road, hopefully more bikes than usual!

Best of all, it’ll remind the majority of road users, cars and trucks, that motorcycles are part of the road too, and seeing more will have road users start to notice motorcycles more and more, which is only a good move towards safety.

Motorcycles take up a lot less space in a lane and on the road, imagine if say half the transport on the morning and afternoon commute was motorcycles?  Alleviate traffic on the M1 and Gateway maybe?  The city run faster and smoother?  Council adapts more motorcycle parking in the city maybe?  The dreams are endless.

Enjoy your wheels for the week, the fluids in it will be happy to be hot and turning.

KTM RC390 2017 Front

Be sure to visit the official Facebook page and upload a pic of your ride for the national/world to see!!  And of course, ride sensible and safe and always gear up.