Safe Roads 4 Logan

On Saturday 21 July 2018 we hosted an event here in store, promoting safe riding and rider awareness.  Not just of their riding skills, but also their motorcycle.

Queensland Police Service and Transport and Main Roads Queensland were on hand, not to penalise as some would think, but instead talk openly about any questions riders and the public had regarding compliance, licensing, road rules and rider safety.  Logan City Council, who were the promoters of the event, were also here, as riding safe on their streets matters when caring for the community is a top concern.

Some interesting statistics were presented, where accidents and their cause are administered, allowing for officials to work on keeping riders and those around them safe at all times.  Good for everyone we think.

Motomedics were here too, and it’s highly important to know who Motomedics are.  Run by Jamie and other dedicated professionals, Motomedics are Motorcycling Paramedics, who when on the clock in their jobs are paramedics saving lives.  Then in their spare time, they do the same job, for nothing.  You read right, they don’t get paid to do the same job they do normally but in their own time.  Motomedics generally patrol the common areas folks ride around, aiming to be first responders until an Ambulance arrives.  Motomedics are not contactable by Triple-0, but keep their ear to the ground and can be contacted directly.  Google their page and be sure to follow them on social media.  More importantly, we urge donations to head their way, as it’s the only way they’ll survive out there.  You never know when you’ll be happy they arrive first to help you.

Thank you to all who attended, including dignitaries, staff and visitors.  Many folks pulled up and had a look at the Police bikes, both marked and unmarked, and the van kitted out for emergency situations and days this.