Airoh: Motorbike Helmet Excellence

Founded in 1986 by a safety helmet manufacturer, Airoh Helmets continue to live up to their founder’s vision of producing motorcycle helmets with the highest safety standards.

But aside from its superior safety features, each Airoh motorcycle helmet is engineered with the highest levels of quality, comfort and aesthetics in order to meet the increasing demands of motorcycle riders today.

Aviator 2.2 Helmet

Aviator 2.2 Junior Helmet

Aviator 2.3 Helmet

Aviator Ace Helmet

City One Helmet

Commander Helmet

Executive Helmet

Garage Helmet

GP500 Helmet

Helios Helmet

Hunter Helmet

Movement Helmet

Movement-S Helmet

Rev Helmet

Rides Helmet

Riot Helmet

S5 Helmet

Spark Helmet

ST501 Helmet

ST701 Helmet

Storm Helmet

Switch Helmet

Terminator Helmet

Terminator Open Vision Helmet

TRR-S Trial Helmet

Twist Helmet

Valor Helmet

Wraap Helmet

Airoh Road & Offroad Helmets

Recognised for their beautiful details, heavy duty materials and solid construction, Airoh helmets give every motorcycle rider the freedom and protection to enjoy their journey and perform their best on the road or race track.

Backed by years of research and development with a focus on safety and innovation, Airoh Helmets has emerged as a global leader in motorcycle helmet production. The company is driven by a passion to turn ideas into realities, and their team’s expertise, technical know-how and experience helps them to create helmets that are among the best in its class.