Adventure - Dual Sport

Unbeatable comfort and protection for any adventure. Stay comfortable and safe throughout all the bends, jumps, twists and turns any adventure brings. Our full face adventure helmets from AGV, Airoh and Shoei are fully equipped to give you a level of comfort and protection that’s nothing short of phenomenal.

Experience utmost comfort. Each of our helmets come with their own exclusive features designed for your maximum comfort. AGV offers lightweight helmets made of Carbon-Aramidic-Fiberglass material and Dry-Lex® interiors. Airoh has removable and washable hypoallergenic lining, while the 3D-shaped cheek pads of Shoei allow for a better fit.

Enjoy unrivalled performance. And we’re not just talking about aerodynamics. Our high performing helmets feature remarkable innovations such as a peak that limits the “sail effect”, specially designed shell shape that minimises neck strain and even Bluetooth capabilities!

Revel in ultimate protection. Adventures come with a high level of uncertainty, but your safety is something you can’t leave to chance. Get the ultimate protection from our helmets with DOT, ECE 2205 and ACU GOLD certifications, Emergency Quick Release System and scratch-, fog- and UV-resistant visor for your consistently clear vision.

Benefit from ultra ventilation. Our full-face motorcycle helmets are leaders in their class when it comes to keeping your head cool and fresh, with multiple, large vents strategically placed on the helmet’s shell for optimal airflow.