Never compromise your vision. Riding your motorcycle with a clear vision can save lives, including your own. Keep your vision crystal clear under all types of weather with our visors and anti-fog shields from Rjays, Shark and Shoei.

Easy to install and use. Save time and effort with our easily removable and interchangeable visors from Rjays. Shark also offers an easy to install visor, while Shoei features a Quick-Release Self-Adjusting (Q.R.S.A.) system for a convenient removal and installation – no need for tools!

Multiple colours to suit your mood and style. Our visors do more than protect your eyes – they complete your look too! Achieving that mysterious, incognito look is easy with our dark tint visors. Despite their very dark colour, you can still see clearly. Our clear visor is best for those with a pragmatic style, while our mid-tint visor is for those who want a balance of both tint options.

Serious protection for your eyes. Our visors come with different eye safety features including 99.9% UV A and B rays protection, a scratch-resistant coating and even a shield lock to prevent it from accidentally opening.

Efficient features. The Quick-Release Self-Adjusting (Q.R.S.A.) system of Shoei can also be used to open the visor shield and increase airflow for your greater comfort.