Chest protection when it matters most. Chest protectors provide maximum protection not just to your chest per se, but also to your fragile internal organs, ribs and bones. Take your pick from our chest protectors from Alpinestars, Dainese and Spidi to give your chest the protection it deserves.

Comfortable and ergonomic. Experience remarkable air circulation and comfort through the large air vents and 15mm thick chest protector from Spidi. Alpinestars features highly vented, ergonomically designed chest protectors for every tour and sport rider’s comfort.

Heavy-duty protection. All our chest protectors are guaranteed to give you superior protection no matter what! Our Alpinestars and Dainese chest protectors are certified to prEN 1621-3:2013 and CE – Cat. 2 – Pr-EN 1621.3/11 lev. 2, respectively. On the other hand, Spidi’s chest protector features a 21,8 Kn shock absorbing value, successfully clearing the prEn 1621-3 test.

Variety of styles. We stock different types of chest protectors to suit every rider’s taste. Alpinestars offers a divided chest protector that may be inserted into their jackets and race suits, as well as an chest protector that can be attached to their existing line of back protectors. Dainese offers a full body armour jacket with chest and back protector plates inspired by an armadillo.

Functional and versatile. Whether you want a chest protector for everyday riding to your office, competitive sports or touring purposes, we have it! Browse through our selection of chest protectors that not only keep your chest protected, but also ensure your safety and peace of mind throughout your ride.